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Originality is a high thing. But the eye also wants something. Quite a few classics had 'ex-factory' rims and tires that remind us a bit of breakfast plates: thin and small.

According to many enthusiasts, a larger size of rims and tires can make a car much more 'beautiful'. Think of Volvo Amazons, Golfjes. Minis and the Audis from the 80 years.

But thicker rubbers also have their drawbacks. Usually the rim-tire combination is heavier than the original. This is disadvantageous with regard to the unsprung weight, it gives faster and more wear to wheel bearings, suspension, damping and steering knuckles. Generally speaking, the driving behavior can also be influenced: less comfort, faster inclination to aquaplaning and less grip if the road surface is not flat and dry.

AUDI wheelsBut as long as the matter does not become so wide that the tires in the wheel arches are running up, it remains a matter of taste.

What should you look out for when searching for alternative wide wheels? In the first place the pitch (distance from the wheel bolts).
In addition, the ET value is also important. This determines how far a rim comes in or out. That value is known for every car. And within a model line there is often a spread in sizes. An Amazon sedan was supplied with 4J and a combination with 4,5J. 5,5J Wheels were optionally available.

This says something about the range for which the chassis is calculated and therefore gives risk-free margins. Even something wider is fine in itself.

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