Bremen Classic Motor Show 2017. Old-fashioned good.

Very well attended, perfectly organized, beautiful themes and solid recognisability. They are entitlements that have been used for years for the start of the German classic season in Bremen. The organization of the Bremen Classic Motor Show 2017 once again lived up to its reputation. Those in charge put down an excellent exhibition where the recognizable recipe was completely in line again. 45.577 visitors - who came from far and wide and from various countries - witnessed this.

Feast of recognition

660 exhibitors from 12 countries provided a celebration of recognition. In the ÖVB Arena and in Hall 1 of the Bremer Beurs, numerous brand clubs in the field of motorbikes, mopeds and scooters came together. The attention that the Norton adepts had paid to their brand was striking. Together with the beautiful Sonderschau theme around Zündapp, the exhibition on Norton - immediately visible upon arrival - was one of the appealing two-wheeler themes in Bremen.

Karmann. Unique models

Another main theme of the Bremen Classic Motor Show 2017 was a glimpse into Karmann's treasure room. Several prototypes were shown to the general public - and that is highly rare. The twelve models in total gave a good picture of developments and design studies, whether or not they cast their shadow in the time that they were designed. Not infrequently it concerned "Einzelstücke" or models produced in a very limited edition. Unique in every way. The theme was a bull's-eye. By the way: the Autostadt adjoining this Sonderschau also chose this year to closely align its collection with the theme, as evidenced by the presence of various Karmann models.

Club booths

Furthermore, various car brand clubs have been coming to the German Hanseatic city for years and they were happy to show their love for specific and often faded brands. Borgward and Glas enthusiasts were well catered for. The Citroën veterans took beautiful A-types and larger models of the French brand to the Messe Bremen. And a little further on the German DAF fans showed off their preference for the brand with the clever stick. Also the Triumph and MG enthusiasts were catered for in a club setting. Clubs from Mercedes Benz and Opel enthusiasts were also represented as always.

Theme square with British entry classics

The theme square with British entry classics was also nice, all recognizable by their typical British identity. For one car that was of course more like the other car, but the roadsters, coupes and other cars of British manufacture gave the visitors enough reason to think about starting the classic hobby from a British perspective. A very nice stand that meticulously reflected the charms of British motoring.

Jungen Klassiker

Visitors who were in the market in any way for other classics and youngtimers also did well to visit Hal 6. There, traditionally, young classics were exhibited for commercial purposes. From 2 CV to Volvo 240, from Buick Electra to Amphicar, from Mercedes Strich 8 to VW Type 3: the range looked neat and diverse.

Constantly high level

Finally, some Dutch participants also made their appearance in Bremen. Hofman from Leek was present with a varied and recognizable offer and that also applied to a few other companies, which were part of an excellently organized trade fair that was once again well worth the effort. And offered something for everyone. Because it was not only the varied motorized heritage that was central. Anyone looking for miniatures, vintage, clothing, automobilia or parts could also wallow in the wealth of a wide range in Bremen. And make sure that you are part of a well-organized and attractive exhibition. It is a compliment to the organization, which for years has been able to provide the Bremen Classic Motor Show with a consistently high level. That is extremely clever.

You can find photo impressions of the 2017 edition of the Bremen Classic Motor Show on our Facebook page. Click for part one here . The second part can be found below this link.



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The wheel hanger. From Zeeland

The wheel hanger. From Zeeland

The Borgward group collapsed in 1961 because the banks refused a credit and suppliers stopped their deliveries. Carl Borgward died, while his factories were being dismantled, on 28 July 1963 from a heart attack. Borgward had already paid off all his creditors. In 1965, weekly Der Spiegel wrote that a bankruptcy had been unnecessary and the company should not have perished at all.

Borgward Hansa 2400. A nice failure