Bremen Classic Motor Show 2020 breaks records

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The Bremen Classic Motor Show 2020. From January 31 to February 2 it was that time again. The organizers also put together a nice program this year. Whether it was the pre-announcements or not: the 18e edition attracted a record number of 45.582 visitors, almost 4.000 more than last year. Bremen also achieved a record in terms of exhibitors. No fewer than 738 exhibitors showed their range in all shapes and sizes. A number of them also did excellent business.

The organization has an explanation for the great success of this year. “Each generation creates its own classics. That is why we paid extra attention to the trading platforms Young Generation and Junge Klassiker. The V8 Surfcars theme and elements such as the Classic Custom Motorcycle Lounge and the T4 workshop also appealed to the imagination. And do not underestimate the racing bike theme, which particularly appeals to 20 to 30 year olds. The large number of visitors at the Bremen Classic Motor Show 2020 not only confirms the choices, but also our traditionally good reputation. ” The growth also raises a need. Following the example of the Techno Classica in Essen, a preview day can be considered.

Rivals in Halle 5

Back to the beautiful Bremen Classic Motor Show 2020 edition. Traditionally, the organizers had set up a special car theme in the fifth hall of the Messe Bremen. Old-time rivals stood opposite each other in sets of two, in a sort of half boxing ring. A lightning bolt and two gloves symbolized above the trading floor that it used to thunder and lightning between the manufacturers. BMW vs. Mercedes, Opel vs. Ford, Opel vs. Volkswagen, Volkswagen vs. DKW. Ferrari versus Porsche. Anyone who looked closely also saw a kind of timeline that ran from Wirtschaftswunderzeit up to and including the XNUMXs.

70 years of German motorroller culture

The aforementioned WIrtschaftswunderzeit was also visible within the culture of 70 years of two-wheeler transport. Within the second main theme, beautiful scooters told how they got the world motorized. The emphasis was strongly on European two-wheelers and therefore on post-war Europe. We found the Maico with sidecar an absolute showpiece. The Basterthe Einspura car was also of great beauty. In fact, every exhibited Motorroller invited them to ride outside. Just like our grandfather's and great-grandfather's.

Enjoy French and clubs

The themes and diversity have been mentioned and praised by the organizers. We thought that especially the clubs made something special out of it this year. The car oddities could be found there. At Glas was a beautiful “04” Cabriolet, and the patina Lloyd Alexander Frua also made a nice contribution to the home city. Also the clubs of Citroën and Renault were enticing. Bee Citroën attention was paid to the 50-year anniversaries of the GS (with a beautiful 1220 Club) and the SM. We also met a few special 2CVs. At Renault, an R8 and R10 gloryed in competitive trim. Moreover, the representatives of these clubs were very pleased with us. The growth in the number of French classics was visible across the board, a refreshing observation.

Two-wheel scene enjoys its own way

We already mentioned the two-wheelers with the Motorroller theme, but there was also a lot of special work to be seen in other places. Motorbike and moped enthusiasts were allowed to admire both beautiful and personalized two-wheelers in Hall 1 and in the foyer. The Kaffeerenner (café racers) were special, on the other hand, all other motorbikes and mopeds, just like the numerous motorbikes, were also very interested.

PS SPEICHER and the Panhard Dyna X

Finally, attention to PS SPEICHER. The museum has been in existence for six years, and used Bremen as a stage to announce that it will be the largest vintage car collection in Europe on 17 July 2020. Now the museum has been appealing for six years and presents various themed exhibitions. But the depots will also open, and will then be accessible to everyone. More than 2500 cars, motorcycles, small cars, commercial vehicles and Lanz bulldogs are then visible on an area of ​​no less than 18.000 square meters. In Bremen we got a very small taste. That was shown in three companies. And yes, when we saw the Panhard Dyna X at one of the PS SPEICHER stands, we knew who really stood out for us in Bremen this year. Right. The French.


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