Bremen Classic Motor Show 2020. Indispensable for enthusiasts

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From 31 January to 2 February, the halls of the Messe Bremen will once again be dominated by the opening of the German classic season. In the Netherlands, the kick-off with InterClassics in Maastricht has already taken place, but anyone who wants to visit another great event should definitely travel to the Bremen Classic Motor Show 2020 next weekend. This will be organized for the 18th time and the announcements promise a great event.

Frank Rüge and his people have always opted for a few main themes with special classic four- and two-wheelers. With the cars, this year the organization shines the light on the rivals of yesteryear. The two-wheelers are represented by the 70-year-old scooter / motorcyclist and an exhibition of special motorcycles. In addition, over 600 exhibitors will be exhibiting everything related to the classic scene in a wide variety of ways. The term “something for everyone” is an understatement, that much is already clear.

Hall 5: Ancient rivals in all walks of life

The automobile main theme of the Bremen Classic Motor Show of 2020 is about the rivals of yesteryear. In Germany, the competition between the Opel Manta and the Ford Capri is one of the important historical examples. Several rivals are exhibited in various categories. Consider the battle between Porsche and Ferrari, between Volkswagen and DKW and between Opel and Volkswagen (Kadett GT / E versus Golf GTI). Within the really higher echelons, a fight between Mercedes-Benz with the 300 SL and the BMW 507 was made in the 2020s, while later the Ferrari Daytona and the Lamborghini Miura lifted the Italian testosterone level to an unusually high level. The historic automobile battle will be shown to the public, this Sonderschau alone is reason enough to go to the Bremen Classic Motor Show of XNUMX.

70 years of motor roller culture in Germany

Another main theme is the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Motorroller culture in Germany. The organization has managed to get a number of illustrious two-wheelers to Bremen, and each one shows how post-war Europe welcomed the first steps of mass motorization on our continent. Lambretta, Bastert, Vespa, Maico, Glas, Zündapp and Aermacchi are a few of those brands from the past, including Honda and BMW. The past also includes the future, and that is why the link to the electric two-wheelers has also been made. The special exhibition takes place in Hall 1.

World trip by KR51 / 2

In addition, Martin Klein gives a presence in Hall 1 (who was traveling for six months from Germany to Vietnam with a KR51 / 2) and likes to talk about his adventures and about tinkering with his two-wheelers. In addition, the organization promises more commercial two-wheeler offerings than ever, and in the mirror hall of the ÖVB Arena there are even more special two-wheelers (let's just say: curiosities, self-build, café racers). The non-motorized two-wheelers are also covered, because in the foyer (just after the entrance) eight special racing bikes from collector Wolfgang Hermann are exhibited.

Many fixed values, backbone of the Bremen Classic Motor Show

During the Bremen Classic Motor Show 2020 a number of fixed values ​​will again be extensively represented. Of course the Trade Forum Young Classics, professional classic suppliers, club stands, brand stands, parts, miniatures, books, clothing are part of the party. And this year there is also a lot of room for the so-called Privatangebot. No fewer than 260 privately owned classics will be displayed in the Parkhaus of the fair, cars mainly from Scandinavia, Germany and the Netherlands.

Smaller themes, collaboration with PS Speicher

There are also several smaller themes. One of these is devoted to the more potent young timers, relics from the eighties and nineties that are increasingly valuable within the classical landscape. Another theme is about sun, sea and beach with matching classics. New this year is the collaboration between the organization in Bremen and PS SPEICHER. In July 2020, this will open the largest (permanent) classic collection with 2.500 items on display. A cross-section of that classic Valhalla will be visible in Bremen, and you can bet that that is a recommendation to visit that great exhibition.

More information

The program is complete, almost complete. We have not mentioned everything yet. That's why you have to experience it for yourself. Because a visit to Bremen is a must for the enthusiast, we say it again every year. The exhibition is open from 9.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. More information about the prices, the approach routes and the special P + R package (from the airport you can reach the Messe Bremen in fifteen minutes) on the website of the Bremen Classic Motor Show. Viel Spass, Enjoy, have fun!


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