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Bremen Classic Motor Show. Successful, new challenge beckons

Bremen Classic Motor Show

From 2 to 4 February, the Messe Bremen was dominated by the opening of the German classic car season. The Classic Motor Show was a traditional celebration of recognition. Nevertheless, the organization - led by Frank Rüge - was once again able to include the necessary surprises in the menu for the 2018 edition. The fact was that the number of visitors fell sharply compared to the previous year: 40.937 visitors passed the gates this year, compared to 45.557 visitors last year. The fact presents the organization with a new challenge.

The decreasing number of visitors may have to do with the fact that the framework in Bremen strongly resembled that of the previous editions. The Classic Motor Show has been a stable format for years in the northern German city. And that has largely been developed by the presence of various brands and industry clubs for cars and motorcycles. The lively parts, automobilia and miniature trade played a significant role. And the population of commercial traders also showed stability this year with 661 exhibitors. The division of the total offer also showed hardly any differences with previous editions. However, the public rewarded this (announced) permanent structure to a lesser extent this year. The enthusiasts who traveled to Bremen for one or more previous editions may be ready for something new.

Stayers at home get wrong

With that principle in mind, those staying at home were really wrong, because this year the people in Bremen were also doing fine. Once again they managed with great enthusiasm to create attractive and surprising themes. Take the main attraction of this year, in which the 2 + 2 Gran Turismos from the fifties, sixties and seventies were exhibited. With this main act the combination of rarity and grandeur from days gone by was demonstrated. A hall further down (Halle 6), potential buyers found a variety of young classics that left a more earthly impression that the exclusive GTs in Hall 5. The themes with special attention to the V8 Survivors from America (in Halle 6) and the small exhibition of the classic SUVs in Halle 4 were also special.

British TT racers

The organization had brought together the British TT racers as "Motorsonderschau" for this year. For the occasion a large green map was made with the course of the Isle of Man race. There were beautiful motorbikes posted and they attracted a striking amount of interest. That admiration was created by the organization, which brought together around twenty racers within a timeline. This exhibition was in fact the epic center of two-wheel heritage. Beautiful historic motorbikes could also be seen outside this special exhibition.

Racing bikes

New was the presence of competition two-wheelers without a motor drive. On the upper deck of the ÖVB Arena, many interested parties were able to ascertain a fun exhibition within the trading and collectors' platform “Stahlrenner”. This included 16 special and historic racing bikes. The choice for this novelty in Bremen was a conscious one.

Nice surprises at exhibitors

Finally, a number of exhibitors also managed to create surprises. Special was the 1: 1 kit from the Fiat 500, including the parts, that had to be detached from kit kits. And the BMW V8 Club brought a beauty of a car to Bremen with the 3200 CS. A little further on was the fortieth anniversary of the Mercedes Benz S123 splendor by two beautiful examples of the type that was built in Bremen. Furthermore, Autostadt Wolfsburg had its permanent place alongside the main theme in Hall 5, and showed that not only the Gran Turismos selected by the organization from days gone by were entitled to the lead role. Vilein had brought Autostadt some historical gems of brands, which are now inextricably linked to the VW group. With a jewel of a class, Wolfsburg showed absolute coherence with the adjacent main theme.

Have a good time despite the need for renewal

Speaking of coherence: once again it was proven in Bremen that tradition and surprise cannot go without each other. However, the decreasing number of visitors will worry the organization. It makes clear that the concept needs to be examined subtly. An expansion of special classic themes, a different layout, and even more interaction between organization, participants and the public may propel Bremen further in the momentum of peoples. That is the perspective for the organization, which has a reputation to uphold. More than 40.000 visitors have experienced what reputation that is. They were happy to see that the weather was great at this well-organized exhibition.

On our Facebook page You will find two photo impressions of the Bremen Classic Motor Show 2018.

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