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Bremen Classic Motor Show 2021: high quality in online packaging

Frank Ruge and Johannes Hübner gave a great presentation. @ M3B Gmbh Jana Sordon
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Different than usual. That was the Bremen Classic Motor Show of 2021. Due to COVID-19 it was not open to the public. In the autumn, the organization expressed optimism about the continuation of the public fair, presented the main themes and guaranteed hygiene. Nevertheless, in November she ended the public opening of the German classic season.

Ultimately, they provided a suitable and responsible alternative in record time in Bremen, because on February 6 the season for our Eastern neighbors did start, and that happened in an impressive way. A respectable number of online visitors witnessed it. On Saturday, 13.323 places were logged in. And the number of viewers attending the online event is still growing steadily.

Nice online program, loyal partners

Project leader Frank Ruge and his people are therefore continuing the event after the cancellation of the live fair. They put together an excellent online exhibition program, with the support of numerous sponsors, partners and other sympathizers. They rightly have a blind faith in the life's work of the engaging Ruge and his people. In addition, the organization set up a live chat and a technically well-equipped studio. The program went virtually flawlessly, and in the meantime it was fascinating to follow the interaction between the online visitors and the exhibition organization.

Enthusiastically received initiative

“Whether it concerns exhibitors, specialists, classic car enthusiasts or newcomers: the reactions to the digital event are all positive,” says Hans Peter Schneider, Managing Director of M3B GmbH, which also includes MESSE BREMEN. Frank Ruge and his team have canceled the live fair due to the corona pandemic. To do this, they organized a five-hour online event for fans of classic cars in just a few weeks. On Saturday, February 6, 2021, they presented their digital program op The supporters expressed great appreciation and praise.

Bremen at its best

A lot of beautiful things passed by, this was Bremen at its best in adapted form. All themes that have been visible to visitors for years were contained in a production of five hours. Teasers of the Sonderschaus, which has been moved to next year, historical vehicle presentations, sales presentations, the world of tuning, the world of TÜV inspections and beautiful background stories: they were all on display.

Beautiful presentations.

The presented offer was clearly shown online. Various beautiful classics and motorcycles were captured on video in the empty halls of the Bremen fair. This often happened in conjunction with the owners or people involved in the past of the classics. Johannes Hübner presented most of the online reports in the exhibition halls. The Sonderschaus, which was adapted in size, was the responsibility of online moderator Wolfgang Blaube.

Special award ceremony Goldener Kolben

Also this year, the Golden Kolben presentation ceremony again during the Bremen Classic Motor Show. The award has been awarded annually since 2006 F-Kubik awarded to people who, through their work, made a special contribution to the historical experience of automotive history. The 2021 version went to Matthias Kaluza. He is the author of beautiful books and especially an artist in the field of special exhibitions in many museums. It was precisely during the award ceremony that everything passed that many enthusiasts miss: beautiful car museums and magnificent exhibitions. Also because these events, visits and stopping places are in the Corona waiting room, this award ceremony was special. Many people probably felt the desire to be able to visit a museum, an exhibition or an old-timer event again without any worries.

Online event correct decision

“The success shows how important and precisely it was that we implemented the online event”, says Claudia Nötzelmann, division manager at MESSE BREMEN. The number of online visitors is still growing, since Saturday many online visitors have taken a look. ” Project manager Frank Ruge is very satisfied. “It went very well, we are very happy with so much enthusiastic feedback. Nevertheless, we hope that the 20th edition of the Bremen Classic Motor Show will again be a personal exhibition. But the support we have received from the industry and the efforts that many have put in shows how connected everyone is to us. And that also applies to the public supporters. ” Frank Ruge said it visibly moved at the end of the presentation.

Great phenomenon

Ruge and his people can be proud. The shortest Bremen Classic Motor Show ever had all the core characteristics that made the fair great. And the visitor could see in record time why the opening of the German classic season has become such a grand and addictive phenomenon. Because this online production was simply a wonderful example of perseverance, creativity and pure professionalism.

Missed? Until May 1, the Bremen Classic Motor Show still has a lot to offer

Anyone who missed the online event and would like to see it again or view the online marketplace can visit the website of the Bremen Classic Motor Show until 1 May. If you want to choose from the various topics within the library, click on this link. You will find the entire digital program, including the complete presentation of the 19th Bremen Classic Motor Show here . And the offers on the online stock exchange are also available digitally until May 1 this year. There is also the date for the anniversary edition of the Bremen Classic Motor Show next year: it is scheduled as a public fair from Friday to Sunday 4 to 6 February 2022. It will be an event that no one should miss, that has already been decided in advance.

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  1. Nice presentation. I jumped through it and I think I jumped for an hour eeeeeh. How inventive in these, for most, vaccine-less times.

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