Bremen Classic Motor Show 2021. The classic season starts online on February 6

Biedermann und Brandstifter harbinger. © M3B GmbH / Seekamp Lennart Duden
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The Bremen Classic Motor Show has been considered one of the openers of the international classic season for years. Last year the classic fair set a visitor record. And to at least equal that, the organization has also put together a nice program for 2021. But COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works, the organizers decided that the fair would not be open to the public this year. In Bremen, however, they did not sit still, they provided a nice alternative: the start of the German classic season starts online, on 6 February.

Under the leadership of project manager Frank Ruge, the organization has put together a very nice program, given the circumstances, with which you can follow the beloved German season opening online. The script shows what was planned for this year in Bremen. A number of themes are now being moved to next year, but will serve as teasers this year. Put in German: That's since the Vorgücker for 2022.

Biedermann and Brandstifter

One of the planned main themes for the 2021 edition of the Classic Motor Show was “Biedermann und Brandstifter”. In other words: regular street versions of a classic model would be exhibited together with a peppery copy of the same model. The Bremer organization has now ensured that at least two couples are shown online: a Renault 5 TL is presented together with the Renault 5 Turbo. And according to good German custom, a pair of Benzen is also included: the Mercedes-Benz 190 E will be joined by its performance brother 190 E 2.5 16 Evo II. As for the W201 copies: it is no coincidence that the organization also pays attention to these cars. They were both built in the Sebaldsbrück district of Bremer. Speaking of Made in Bremen: the online program also focuses on two S123 variants: a 300 TD and a 280 T AMG.

Traditional components integrated in online program

For the second Sonderschau, space was reserved for the NSU and DKW factory competition engines. This historic Racer can also be seen online. Within the online program, space has also been reserved for the traditional TÜV approved young classics and the Young Generation. Three copies of both categories are presented and also offered for sale online. and in a triptych the organization highlights a number of rare automobiles and motorcycles.

Bertone Visitor Bus and dream Maybach

That category is very worthwhile. Very special: the Fiat 850 T Bertone Visitor Bus. From this bus, Pope John Paul II waved to his followers. A Cadillac V16 Roadster and the noble Maybach DS8 Zeppelin also pass by. It remains admirable how the organization is always able to reserve such special vehicles for the public. In Bremen, however, online attention is also paid to current events. Market trends for 6 will be discussed on 2021 February. In addition, they will offer an insight into the world of tuning activities.

Online marketplace, very popular with exhibitors

The Bremen Classic Motor Show has traditionally also had a big name in other areas. During the Classic Motor Show, visitors can always visit the Messe Bremen for numerous parts, privately offered classics and other car and motorcycle mobilia. That will of course not work this year. But a solution was also devised for this in Bremen. Under the leadership of Lisa Auhage, the organizers have now set up an online marketplace, which will be open digitally until 1 May next, also to satisfy the loyal suppliers and exhibitors. That is a special gesture, which, strikingly, also fits within this current (modern) corona era. The gesture is highly appreciated by the participants, because the marketplace is already filled with more than 1000 advertisements. These can be viewed from 6 February 2021. More information about this will follow as soon as possible.

Of course……

Of course, it is more fun for every classic enthusiast or aspiring classic or parts buyer to experience the range firsthand and to experience the specific fair atmosphere in Bremen. You know that Auto Motor Klassiek would also like to be in Bremen to report and soak up that specific atmosphere yourself, and discover surprise after surprise. But COVID-19 is now in charge of the agenda. And that agenda shows that event organizers sometimes maintain a bond with the supporters in a surprisingly creative way. Of course also, to welcome the same supporters back to the gates of the Messe Bremen during the anniversary edition of 2022.

Experience the Bremen Classic Motor Show online this year

You do not have to travel to Bremen this year. But you can see a nice cross-section of what you could have seen in person. As mentioned, the Bremer organization will set up a live stream. Via this application you can still be there on Saturday 6 February from 15.00 p.m. to 20.00 p.m. Access to the online program can be found here. To enable the live stream, click . Although the Bremen Classic Motor Show will be different this year, the announced Bremer program promises more than enough reason to follow the German season opening.

News, wallpapers and video teaser

More info, news and background information can be found on the website of the Bremen Classic Motor Show:

Finally: a video teaser can be found below . This year the opening of the season is therefore different than usual. But we already dare to say that the online opening also offers enough to bring you in a beautiful way in that typical atmosphere of the Classic Motor Show 2021.



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  1. The Renault 5 is completely hot again!

    Visiting a fair in real life is of course much more fun. But now that that is not possible, this is a great alternative.

  2. Mwah, think three d is better than a screen. 🤢 Have so much 'work' via screen nowadays. I allow webex teams and associates to dispose of digital waste. Throw in Covid, we can just get the flu again without getting a cotton swab stuck in the back of your brain to show that you have it m
    Viewing a car / motorcycle (wherever) is ALSO smelling, feeling, tasting, etc. Using a screen is a very meager alternative. By the way, for the € 68, - for a covid pcrt test you can go to a car / motor show twice. Much better spent

    • @Riab, I have to agree with you, I'm tired of webexing after 10 months, so don't go and watch such a nice event online, but they do make the effort to organize something anyway. What you also miss live is the smell of oil, not to mention currywurst 😋.
      Hope that the Bockhorner Oldtimermarkt will continue between 11 and 13 June, but fear that it is still a bit early. For those who are not familiar with this market (and show), this is highly recommended for the classic car enthusiast. Take your oldtimer and tent with you and you can enter the site for free and pitch your tent next to your car. Genius and good organization. Deutsche Gründlichkeit, of course.

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