Bremen Classic Motor Show. Anniversary edition back online on February 5

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The Bremen Classic Motor Show will be held online for the second time in a row. The German organization decided quite early on not to open the 2022 edition of the popular German season opening to the public either. And that had everything to do with the COVID-19 uncertainty. Nevertheless, the organization keeps the event well under the attention. Those responsible again put together a nice online program for this year, also to involve the supporters again in the traditionally beautiful show. You can witness the 5th Bremen Classic Motor Show online on Saturday XNUMX February.

Of course it is sour that the anniversary edition is not open to the public either. The pandemic is throwing a spanner in the works again. Precisely because of its unpredictability, the organization in Bremen did not consider postponing the fair. However, just as for the 2021 edition, those responsible put together an entertaining online program. There are several beautiful themes here. The recordings and mini-documentaries have been shot. Bremen is ready.

Forty years of Mercedes-Benz W201 (190) and Porsche Killer

It's no surprise, but one of the themes is the 201th anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz W2002. What is special is that the Baby-Benz was built in Bremen and that gives the celebration a special touch. Furthermore, the Porsche fighters are central. The organization puts the Opel Commodore GS/E, the BMW 2600 Turbo and the Ford Capri 911 RS in the spotlight, and of course the Porsche 200 T - as a target for the aforementioned attackers in the XNUMX km/h class - is not missing.

Classic models in the danger zone

Remarkable is the choice to draw attention to the endangered everyday animal species within the classic world. In a triptych, AutoBild Klassik editor Christian Steiger presents a number of classics that (from a German perspective) are less and less visible in the street scene. For example, he draws attention to the Peugeot 504, the Alfa Romeo Alfasud, the VW Typ 4, the Fiat 1500, the VW 1302 and even more classics that have ended up on the red list (that's what the organization calls the danger zone). This theme runs like a red thread - in three parts - through the show.

Conscientious question about two-wheelers. Two- or four-stroke Sonderschau

Of course, the motorized two-wheelers are again central to a Sonderschau. It pits two and four-stroke engines against each other. During the special exhibition, the organization will exhibit four motorcycles. Andy Schwietzer addresses the question of conscience two-stroke or four-stroke and presents the Honda CB 750 Four F1, the Suzuki GT 750 A, the Gilera 150 Rossa Super and the DKW RT 175 S. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with PS.Speicher Einbeck. And that promises to be something really beautiful.

Traditional Themes

The organization has also made room for the question whether petrol - and thus the classic car - still has a future. And as usual, there is a young-timer and classic offer, where traditionally some special cars are put in the spotlight. Also traditional is the presence of presentations and workshops, and viewers can enjoy the technical construction of a VW Karmann Ghia Cabriolet (Typ 14). Of course, people also consider the fact that the Bremen Classic Motor Show has now been around for 20 years.

Bremen also worth it online

Under the leadership of those responsible, the organization has once again put together a nice program that in any case reflects the culture of the Bremen Classic Motor Show. It is precisely this culture that has given the German season opening its very own face over the years. That is why it is more than worthwhile in advance to experience the Bremen Classic Motor Show online. Of course with the prospect of being physically present again next year at this traditionally beautiful event.

Frank Ruge: “Proven formats further developed”

“We've put together new topics and further developed proven formats from last year's online event,” says project manager Frank Ruge. “Our spectators can look forward to detailed classic car presentations, interesting specialist lectures and workshops with real professionals. We present these in the usual way. Interaction with the public is, of course, desirable, planned and will therefore also this year via the necessary online channels (chat and mail, in combination with the livestream) to be possible.

More Information

The online presentation of the 20th Bremen Classic Motor Show will start on February 5, 2022 at 16.00 pm, and will last until 18.30:XNUMX pm. More information about the program and access to the online show can be found on the website of the event. In addition, you will find the necessary extra items in the media library. Are you not in the opportunity to follow the livestream on February 5? No worries. The online version of the Bremen Classic Motor Show will be available until May 1, 2022. In any case, you can follow the online show without registration and free of charge.

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Back online. The Bremen Classic Motor Show 2022 ©M3B GmbH/Jana Sordon
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© M3B GmbH / Joshua Hartmann
- Vintage cars Auto Motor Klassiek -
Classical animal species are endangered according to German standards. © M3B GmbH/Joshua Hartmann
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Borgward Arabella, in the danger zone. © M3B GmbH/Joshua Hartmann
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Two or four stroke. That is the question at the Motorrad-Sonderschau © M3B GmbH/Joshua Hartmann
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Porsche 911 competitors. In Bremen, this trio is extensively discussed. © M3B GmbH/Joshua Hartmann
Shot of Christian Steiger with the VW 1302 and the Ford 17m P7a. © M3B GmbH/Joshua Hartmann


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  1. Visiting oldtimer fairs and classic car shows I have always found very nice trips.
    With a virtual decoction of this behind a PC I unfortunately have no feeling at all, but that is personal.
    As soon as this Coronacircus is over, luckily we can go to real fairs etc...
    Nevertheless, it is positive that initiative is being shown in the old-timer field.

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