Motorcycling in the winter

Brine bikes. Motorcycling in the winter
Suzuki's 550. And that will be a classic too
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Brine bikes

In terms of temperatures, we really do not have to leave it: Motorcycling in winter. A little extra attention during the first morning kilometers of a weekend ride to Winterberg and while getting breakfast is sufficient. But that we would rather not make those kilometers or meters with pride on two wheels, that is clear. Fortunately, a smart man came up with the phrase 'brine bike' a few years ago. In theory, that's an old motorcycle worth so little that brine won't hurt it. In practice, hardly anyone has such a thing, but everyone talks about it. But if you have one, and use it, you will score a lot of toughness points and in the meantime you can also enjoy the best side effect in life in winter: motorcycling.

What are the pickle bikes that suit us?

Old two-strokes such as MZ's and Herculesjes, ex army engines (Armstrong) and engines up to 600 cc from the second half of the eighties to the first half of the nineties probably cost little. Also think of Kawasaki's and Suzuki's 550…. In any case, they already have a dated appearance and they are usually technically clear and 'resistant to the outside'. Don't underestimate that. An acquaintance who had continued driving his ZGAN, very expensive BMW motorcycle last winter, became almost sick of the pace where his pride declined and developed the most unlikely electronic malfunctions. He complained all the way to BMW Motorrad, where he was advised not to ride in winter or to rinse his bike with cold water, dry it and store it heated after every ride. The only plus point was the explanation about rinsing with cold water: When rinsing with warm water, brine dissolves and then hides in the most unlikely corners and does its destructive work there.

Minimum maintenance on a brine bike

Thanks to BMW Motorrad: Rinse cold after every ride. Before the first dirty ride, spray the whole thing with the exception of the brake discs, the buddy and the legs of the front and rear suspension with white / brown tectyl. Tectyl on brake discs acts as a lubricant. Tectyl on fork legs is disastrous for the seals.

And thanks to the gritter driver who was filling up his wagon: You can see exactly where the sites are scattered.



After a heavy shower, the road must be brine-free again. But as long as there are still white spots on the road, there is still salt.

But that's okay.

Because we have brine bikes, after all?

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