Buying a house in France

House in france

House in franceBuying a house in France? The holidays are almost over and we have seen and done a lot again. And also this time we dreamed about ... A house in France.

Because but on such an 600 kilomter from Utrecht you can buy a house in France with a few hectares of land for less than 25D euros.

Then you are not in the expensive, sunny South of France, but you are in a very beautiful area that is a day's drive away.

DHouse in franceEarth aging and the flight to the cities are a real scourge. Houses that are for sale there are often still 'authentic'. That is, the last major maintenance took place around the time that the first human set foot on the moon.

We have heard a few things from people who have taken the step by now, which you can also benefit from. So you want to buy a house in France:

* In any case, do not start the adventure if your French vocabulary consists of five words
* Prepare for long festivities in connection with a French phenomenon that is even greater than the French wine tradition: the French bureaucracy. And in order to survive that syrupy struggle, you must speak French again or hire interpreters.
* Have someone ( for example) translate your purchase contract. Even if you do business in France with a Dutch broker. French property purchase contracts are rather complex with regulations, exclusions, obligations etc.
*Remember that you can integrate, but that the French are quite isolated and distant. And also among friends and spouses M/F the title is usually 'vous', so 'U'. Because where the unsurpassed marketer Ilja G. every time honks fairly complete strangers with 'tu', there he commits social suicide every time in real French life. The man also speaks fairly poor French. But he manages well with it. That again. Of course it helps if a program is 'scripted' and a camera crew is present.
* Order 'Living and buying in France' by PJ Gillissen

As a thank you for these advice you can invite us in due course for a weekend in your dream house.

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