By-catch: a GAZ 69

GAZ, Ural, Dnepr

GAZ 60, 1976By-catch: a GAZ 69

As a hobby trader in old Russian engines, your goal is certainly not to get rich.

But being pleasant is also worth something. And that way you don't have to adhere to a strict purchasing and sales strategy.

If something happens, then just something happens. If it seems nice enough.

That is also the reason that the man who is among enthusiasts GAZ lampis known as the largest Ural, Dnepr, M72 and K750 specialist in the Benelux, Richard Busweile, who sometimes has half a dozen Russian tricycles and an attic full of parts.

Suddenly came into possession of a beautiful GAZ 69 from 1967, including Moldavian papers.

However, the olive-green cross between a tractor, a classic truck and a Jeep with false eyelashes takes the place of two sidecar combinations.

That is why Richard is now accountable for the famous "every acceptable offer". Trade-in is negotiable. But then you have to arrive with Russian sidecars.

And let the winter continue now!

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