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CAMIONNETTE CITROËN H 1200 BAROCLEM: Rare and very expensive collector's item from Dinky Toys

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That for some rare classic cars nowadays the main prize is paid is of course no news anymore. However, there are also classic scale models for which exorbitant amounts are requested. And get paid. Certainly if they are known for their exclusivity.

One of those exotics in miniature land is the promotion model that Dinky Toys France produced in 1963 on behalf of battery producer Baroclem. The historic model builder made a promotion set. This consisted of a Citroën "H" (Camionnette Citroën 1200 Dinky model 561) and the green / black plastic battery box from Baroclem. Together with the official packaging box of the car, the promotion set has meanwhile become an extremely exclusive and very expensive collector's item.

We cannot say for sure, but there are reportedly only four copies of the original Baroclem Dinky Toys Citroën on our planet. This one Dinky France miniature was painted blue, and provided with Baroclem stickers. The inside of the sliding door was not painted blue. The step boards were provided with a gray color. This Dinky Camionnette is also recognizable by the extra groove for receiving the sliding door.

At this moment an original Dinky France No. is being distributed via Ebay. 561 promotion set from Baroclem offered. The French Arts Toys and Design offers the car and the box via the same medium. The original plastic box is missing. Not a high price tag, because the collector who wants to do business can transfer € 6.980 to France. A provider from Haarlem offered for some time - via the same medium - the intact set-scale model, box and plastic battery box - for the amount of € 8.995. It is not known if a buyer has been found for this rare collector's item.

BoxMore affordable alternatives
Fortunately there are cheaper alternatives. Atlas has also supplied imitation models of the Baroclem “H” - based on the Dinky template - including a replica box. Although these models are also not offered in abundance, there is a considerably different price tag. Depending on the provider, they are offered in a price category with an amount between € 70 and € 100. That is also solid, although it is of course in no relation to the asking prices of the extremely rare and very expensive original promotional sets.

The most economical way is of course to make a basic model of the Citroën Buy H in Atlastrim, spray it in the original blue color and have Baroclem decals. The good news is that these stickers are also available through Ebay. For less than ten you are the lucky one. And that is a different amount than the thousands of Euros for an original Dinky Toys Baroclem package - with the 1: 43 Citroën in the center - must be paid.

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