'Camping', a new verb


The number of camper owners in the Netherlands is growing to such an extent that the NKC - the Dutch Camping Car Club - is becoming an important player in the Netherlands.

For example, the NKC lobbies for the word 'camping' to appear in the Dikke van Dale.

If you are going to belong to the traveling tribe of motorhome owners, then of course you opt for a classic motorhome.

Or you can build your house on classic wheels yourself.

But whatever you do: Such a camper must be technically just as good as a brand new lease container. And as a camper captain, your responsibility is great.

Last year there was another camper driver who suspected trouble under his vehicle. He parked his camper and went into hiding to see where the noise came from.

The camper was on a slope.

Not on the handbrake.

The man was run over by his own camper.



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