Canada, networks and a Porsche

Canada is like America, but more civilized. Canada is a kind of Europe, but a bit more adventurous. Canada is also much more focused on Europe than the States which are mainly focused on the United States of America. And - not unimportantly - in Canada there are many more European classics than in The States, apart from the VW Beetles and vans. Canada is even bigger and wider than Gelderland and the Achterhoek.

Subscriptions, the site and finds

And although we can visit everyone through our free site - especially in these times when the single sale of Auto Motor Klassiek actually lies on his hole - advise one subscription to Auto Motor Klassiek We do not do that to the digital readers in Canada (and in the States and all other countries where Dutch classic enthusiasts have settled). Because if you just look at the shipping costs to Belgium, you understand that this approach has no chance.

In the meantime, is still more of a service than a revenue model. But we did end up with a lot of pleasant foreign contacts. One of those people has now become someone we would have called a 'correspondence friend' very early on.

Bas van der Hoek has lived in Canada for a long time. He comes from the automotive field and is pleased to report that Canada has been good for him. Bas drives one Citroën CX and responded to the text in which we thought about the function of the Internet as a source of classics. And about the importance of knowing a lot of people. We would like to share that reaction ...

“Look, that's what happens here too. Search and find in real time. A friend of ours was looking for an untouched 911, and we knew where to find one. His owner bought him new in Allemagne and took him to Canada. Not just to Canada, but to Ladner. The first owner is now in his 80's. Van, on and about his Porsche is original. Finding it was all human work. It is just as you wrote about knowing people. And know people who know people. And so on.

Gary, the Tatra owner took these pictures. And Gary knows what's right or wrong. He helps and does not benefit from it himself, just a favor to friends. Because: who does good, meets well. He has the same approach as you sketched it. Plus our shared knowledge of 'what is where'. And I've said it so many times, what's left of old stuff here in Ladner, Tsawwassen, and Richmond, makes you rattle your ears. I am only the 2nd owner of my CX. Mr. Skeens had it for 32 years, until his son sold the car to me. The ex-owner was very happy that the CX stayed close by and was well looked after. ”

Thanks Bas!

We thank Bas for his response and we immediately see the danger of what they call the 'bubbles' on that twisted Internet. Satisfied insiders have their networks and are in complete agreement with each other. They know and have just about everything together. The Internet, on the other hand, is a fantastic practice area for people with fewer years of field experience. And for the people who go for the golden middle ground on the purchasing and sales side, the classics in the back 40+ pages of AMK are a very good approach.

Yet just at the last minute

Do you already have one subscription to Auto Motor Klassiek? Then you not only have a dirt cheap, nice bridge to the time when the single-copy sale is loose again, but you also receive the magazine a week earlier than the single-number buyers. And do you know that this approach was once - before the digital age - a unique selling point of AMK? Because then the subscribers saw the advertisements a week earlier than the buyers of the individual issues. And Gary: thanks for the photos!



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  1. Canada is not some kind of America. Canada, along with a dozen other countries, is simply the continent of America. There has never been a country called America, it only came into being that way and saying America when you mean the US is nothing more and nothing less than a form of delusions of grandeur on both sides. Always laugh when I say I've been to America but never set foot on US territory. Isla Margarita is part of Venezuela and that is also part of the continent of America. Nice cars there, by the way, but unfortunately the political situation there is very unstable now.

  2. Hi Dirk,

    That with that mileage counter also surprised me!
    Also visible by the oil temperature gauge in Fahrenheit and oil pressure gauge in PSI!
    But possibly, that is possible if you buy it new from Porsche, ordered directly with a mileage counter !?
    It is certainly beautifully original, even the engine still has the original gaskets from 1968 (?), Judging by the oil on the cardboard underneath!


  3. The next time I'm in NL, I'll donate "few hundred Euros" to AMK !!! … I read this EVERY morning while enjoying a ”Cup of Coffee -and- my 1st cigar” in Senegambia in The Gambia !!! … SUPER beautiful stories about anything and everything, always buy it at Schiphol, when I fly back to Banjul - Gambia with Air Marroc !!! … Unfortunately since 2018 (after the cremation of my father) in October no longer wwwest, and my mother's cremation on Lifestream last year !!! ~ Find -and- AMK always found the best books to read on the way from Schiphol to Libreville / Lagos / Abidjan / Monrovia / Banjul / Dakar, etc…, Always take the old ones-read-out- to -1- of the NL clienics when I have malaria again, then the following NL clients also have some NL to read over there !!! …

  4. In addition, Canada is even bigger and wider than Gelderland and the Achterhoek. ”.
    Do not forget our world-famous Flevopolder, where the soil is so fertile that unprecedented numbers of windmills grow. You will only be called Don Quichotte.
    The windmills do not make the polder wider by the way. 😳

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