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Car detailing. That used to be called 'cleaning'. And neighbor Peter - who is a perfectionist as a handyman - had damage to his bus. He treated that red thing quite unlovingly. The Fiat was kind of a pale blush with spots in the paint that a dermatologist would be concerned about.

The damage was an insurance case

So the red Fiat Ducato came back with a newly painted panel. That didn't look like much. Peter paid 250 euros to have the bus cleaned and the whole neighborhood thought he had a new bus.

Meaningful work instead of meaningless studying

Entrance Jelte Beukema. That is a fellow Dierenaar, fellow villager. He will just be twenty and after six months of study he realized that the training he had chosen was completely pointless. That he actually had very little to do with the 'school concept'. He dropped out of college and thought about what he wanted. Jelte is not an absolute car freak. But he has a penchant for perfectionism. And he wanted to do something that would make him happy and that would earn him money. He dived into the sea called the Internet. And decided to become a car cleaner RECOVERY 'car detailer'. And how a car detailer works? He learned that from YouTube. Jelte registered with the Chamber of Commerce and became a company.

I came across him through the fanfare and Feestboek

And with the miraculous rebirth of Peter's bus, I thought of surprising my Lief by having her detail BX.
We made an appointment. My Lief had cleaned out her car and cleaned it inside and out. That seemed almost presumptuous to a car detailer. Didn't the BX look neat? More than four hours later it turned out that I had been wrong. Very wrong. I stood by and looked at it. And I can always sincerely enjoy watching hard-working craftsmen. Because what has become clear to me: Car detailing is more than cleaning. It's a profession.

Lots of water, two buckets, brushes and lots of soft cloths

The first part is clear: The car is carefully sprayed clean with a high-pressure cleaner. The soap shower. After that, dirt loosens and the detailer is busy with brushes to remove dirt from the nooks and crannies (emblems, etc.). After the most serious cleaning action, the car is clean and free of old wax residues. Then the paint is polished, say 'thinly peeled'. After that action, the paint will regain as much of its shine as possible. Because the wax layer that is applied over the paint serves to protect the paint, not for the shine.

Four to six hours later and 149 euros further, the car is ready on freshly blackened tires. Our photo model is a daily driver. The car is well maintained and maintained. But the paint is 30 years old. And you could see that very clearly on the horizontal surfaces. The flanks were still 'beautiful enough'. It goes too far to say that the brave BX can be in the front row in the showroom again. But according to the happy owner, the 149 euros was a good investment. If the 'standing' sheet metal had also been polished and polished, the bill - for about six hours of hard work - would have come to 250 euros.

We ended up with Jelte alias Professor Detail because he also lives in Dieren. His most distant customer is now in Apeldoorn. But under 'car detailing' you can find more of these types of companies.

Have a look at what's on offer. Because in the well of the car detailing world there are also brothers for whom a spray can with silicone spray is the most important tool. And they provide shine for a day.





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  1. We used to call the BX a Tupperware car. This because of a plastic hood and this tailgate. If you put a loaf of bread there, it would stay fresh for a week. But remember to keep the windows closed ……… ..

  2. 250 euros well spent
    what does it look good!
    looks like it was beamed from the 80s to 2021

    compliments to the professional and to the owner who still has this cool car

    • Suddenly you understand that car / classic dealers like to spend that money on it. They easily recoup that. Another golden tip: Get new license plates and polished headlight lenses

      • Dear Dolf, does not look like those license plates.
        New to old.
        And, glasses from head camps last forever, plastic modern, both Chinese, definitely not. Speaking of the environment ……

  3. Back in the 60s and 70s, the “Car-Detailers” was chock-full in my street. Every Saturday started with rinsing, a bucket of soapy water, rinsing and then working with the polish and crome cleaner, chat and cigarette, it was fun too. Unfortunately nowadays the car has become the turd of society, especially among lease drivers.
    Yet, at least once every 14 days, I think back to that time when I pamper my "personal Lease Aygo" as if it were my car. Only chrome cleaner is no longer necessary, and neither is a cigarette.

    • Perfectly worded indeed.
      In the past, there was also a better relationship between neighbors and acquaintances than today.

      I don't need a cigarette anymore, but I still keep the chromespray in front of the rims of my motorcycle

  4. I can vividly imagine that “Madame” was happy with this. How beautiful the BX looks
    out after treatment. I know it's nonsense but a nice clean car especially inside
    drives more pleasantly. If I clean and polish my CX well, it makes me very happy. When I was still
    entered the labor force, the dealership I worked for took the car a few times
    in progress. Especially after the clay-bar treatment and the wax layer fresh on it, it was certainly a new CX in my eyes. A difficult car for a detailer by the way, we called it “Lexus Spa”. The CX limo with the long thin roof and the rather large hood, were finicky to handle. For 250 Euro your car looks a few Mille better.
    Nice article, thank you.

    • And thanks to BXfix / the pike factory and that one enthusiastic BX rider within our own club, the chance to see good, neat BXsen is growing considerably. And 1 in 16 is also very difficult

  5. The BX, what a nice and technically very good car that was. For years you could buy them for a few cents. People would say “yes, just wait until you get something to the hydraulic suspension”. But a set of spring spheres was no more expensive than a set of shock absorbers and more never broke. Reliable, pleasant to deal with, practical and beautiful, everyone wants a girlfriend like that.

  6. Wonderful, I was driving on the A81 motorway towards Rennes last week. An essential ride, of course. There I was overtaken by a fast BX GTI. It also looked excellent. Despite my 326 hp, I decided to leave the BX in its value. I already drove the maximum speed of 130 km. I have to lose out against the fast Yamaha FJR1300 motorcycles of the Gendarmerie.

    • And then we also have a BX GTI driver within the circle of acquaintances who has now driven well over 4 tons, many of which are full throttle rides to and from Austria.

  7. Nice piece of craftsmanship on such a sleek BX.
    The license plate of this direct object reminds me of the first BX of my parents, newly delivered on their 25th wedding anniversary. A red one in the 1.4 base version with electronically controlled carburettor. YL-28-KJ. They enjoyed it for 2 months until my father had to be in Hilversum for his work and drove on the Soestdijkerstraatweg, along road works. On the other side was a traffic jam where another car shot in between and the nose of the BX was parked in the side of the crossing car.
    Nose short, carriage bent and goodbye.
    Mothers no longer had any confidence in it and the BX was exchanged, with damage and all, for a white BX Cannes, which was registered in January 1990 (registration number YY-40-BV, and this is no longer listed in the RDW registers) . Later this was followed by a BX 19TZI (FV-TL-78)
    I also drove BX for 9 years myself
    First a red '88 GTI, (TB-05-KP) which was exchanged for a white' 91 GTI16V (ZB-88-DH). Unfortunately none of us anymore.

  8. That result can seriously show itself!
    What a piece of professional love can achieve. Nice to see.
    And let's face it, such a fair BX deserves to be neatly groomed
    to be allowed to show off, right? Absolutely great. Compliments to the detailer!

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