Car detailing: Cleaning 2.0

Car detailing
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Car detailing. That is something different than just washing the car.

Giving a classic a good wash and vacuuming it does not clean it yet. True car detailers are craftsmen who clean your classic with medical precision, craftsmanship and lots of special tools.And how much more beautiful can you start spring than in a classic that is completely spic & span?

Such specialists clean your classic pore deeply

The knowledge and investment is immeasurably higher than with the two men from the hall where, with a lot of odor remover and silicone spray, umpteenth-hand cars are being 'painted up' for sale to a new victim, RECOVERY: A new owner. A professional car detailer does not make it with a 20 euro carpet steamer at Blokker, but goes to a supplier where, as we noticed, he real steam cleaner pays almost 4.000 euros without any problems.

The same car detailer cleans the interiors of your classic up to the finest upholstery fibers and removes the car interior, including the air conditioning of odors instead of masking them. And for that, a device that produces active oxidants is needed, as is also used in the food processing industry, the hospital world in the healthcare sector. Such a thing also costs money. So don't be put off if you want to spoil your car. Go to a professional car detailer.

And if in between you wash your classic by hand: Always use plenty of water and always put a grit guard in the bucket. This prevents scratches on the paint because the cloth, sponge or chamois can no longer get to the bottom of the bucket.

There is still a limited number of AMK 'Car Care Specials', which can be ordered via this website. But, it does not stop there, of course, because the story can also be read digitally.

The version for the iPad can be ordered directly via Temporarily for € 5,99


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