Combining Carole Nash Eurojumble with the Beaulieu Autojumble… that will be a beautiful classic weekend

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The Carole Nash Eurojumble is one of the largest exhibitions for classic motorcycles in England. A gigantic event, where you as a fan of classics and therefore specifically classic two-wheelers should not be missed, and certainly not if you are in England on Friday 6 or Saturday 7 September. Because you can combine that nicely with the Beaulieu Autojumble ... an ultimate classic weekend ahead. Strolling among thousands of bargains. Whether you are looking for something like tires, parts or oil ... you will certainly find it on Netley Marsh!

Combine with the Beaulieu Autojumble

Located near Southampton UK, famous for its beautiful docks and historic sites, visitors from all over the continent come to this open-air event. Motorcycle enthusiasts who search among the enormous amount of parts for indeed that one hard-to-find part or that are a coincidence, or purchase for their next project. Moreover, you can ideally combine this weekend with the Beaulieu Autojumble on, for example, Sunday and the Netley Marsh on Saturday or Friday. A beautiful weekend ahead with the best in the field of motor jumbles and car jumbles, what more do you want ... 

The Netley Marsh is known for its special finds. Tombs for memorabilia or parts for motorcycles that you might not otherwise find difficult. There are parts to be found from all over Europe, so keep your eyes open or you might miss out on a great opportunity. 

Excess parts?

Even if you want to say goodbye to some of your favorite classic engine parts or related issues, that's no problem. Because why wouldn't you display them there? Interested audiences there is more than enough. And it is not very pricey either. For just £ 20 - that's just € 23 - you already have your own place to offer spare parts on Saturday, to raise some extra funds for perhaps some new purchases and extra space in the garage for all those new purchases.


As a visitor or participant you are welcome to camp on the site on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. For less than € 75 (£ 60), two people can relax, relax and enjoy live music on Friday evenings from the fantastic band Monkey See Monkey Do on a mountain bike search. The swinging folk band will play between half past seven and a quarter past eight in a first session and between a quarter to nine and half past nine in a second. You can get your snacks from the various food trucks until ten in the evening and you can get your drinks from the bar until half past ten. What better way to spend your time than relaxing with like-minded hobbyists. Access to the event is also included in the price and shower facilities are available. 


The gates open on both days at nine o'clock in the morning. Adult access costs £ 9 on Friday and £ 6 on Saturday if you order your tickets online. Young people up to and including 15 years can enter for free. More information about the show and purchase of the entrance tickets via 

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