Catawiki auctions unique Peugeot 202 UH 'Depannage' Towtruck

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Within the wide range of ongoing Catawiko auctions, numerous everyday and special classics from home and abroad are offered. In the list of lots from the classic car auction that runs up to and including 28 March, there is a very special item. It is the Peugeot 202 UH Depannage Towtruck from 1947, which was not entirely unknown to us. This unique piece of French heritage was in fact part of the attractive range of exhibitions at CLASSICSNL in Leeuwarden, the new classic exhibition to which we reported extensively last October.

Beautiful historical elements
The owner offers the Peugeot - which was built in April 1947 and was delivered to the local Peugeot Dealer in Jonzac, France - via auction house Catawiki. Whoever becomes the new owner: the person in question will soon be assured of an optically authentic Peugeot, with the traces of use symbolizing the historic destination and purposes very nicely. The French workhorse at rest exudes an atmosphere that brings everyone interested back to a distant French past. The accessories and details are time-bound. The Peugeot has a beautiful wooden structure, which contains an almost antique-looking hoist installation. The forging led in 1946 to solid-looking hoist chains, a real hook and a platform, which provided sufficient basis for the accessories to function safely and reliably. Beautiful details inside that stern also form the upright spare wheel and the original auxiliary lamp mounted on the cab that in one way or another gives the historic image extra cachet. And the indication with the permitted payload makes the work compartment of this Peugeot complete.

The simple engine compartment. Note the container with the two liquid cans. The special headlight construction is also special. Image: Catawiki
The simple engine compartment. Note the container with the two liquid cans. The special headlight construction is also special. Image: Catawiki

Patina in all simplicity
For example, there are more details that tell something about the era in which Peugeot was used. The Spartan patina interior, the simple 1.133 cc power source with 30 PK, the typical lighting that looms from behind the grille, the folding direction indicators, the total lack of adornment, the antique oil cans in the front: these are elements that make history pleasantly tangible .

Fully prepared technically
The buyer is assured of a technically complete prepared car. It is also equipped with 17 × 400 tires. Furthermore, the 202 has had a brake overhaul, the engine has been checked and the cylinder head, gearbox, the radiator, the starter motor and the alternator have been overhauled. The bodywork was treated with 'Owatrol' against rust and the original paint and patina marks were carefully preserved.

Pleasant nostalgic offer
This Tow Truck, offered by Catawiki, evokes that typical and pleasant French nostalgia. The maximum yield of the Peugeot has been rated by the auctioneers at an amount of € 15.750. In any case, we would not be surprised if the Peugeot is hammered out digitally for that price.

You can find more info about this beautiful Peugeot right here.

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