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Fans of the Renault 4 - and other classic recipes - have the chance to bid on a unique car. Online auction house Catawiki is currently offering a Renault 4 Bye Bye for Le Classics from Yde. Connoisseurs know it: the 4 Bye Bye was the limited farewell model for France, its home country. The Bye Bye was produced around the turn of the year from 1992 / 93.

Every Bye Bye received a dashboard badge with the construction number. That number series started at 1.000 and ended up to number one. The Bye Bye series was never delivered new in the Netherlands. The Renault 4 was last on the delivery program in our country in 1986. The Bye Bye was a limited edition of the R4 GTL Clan. He concluded an impressive period of more than thirty European years. Renault decided to stop production of the Renault 4. Production numbers fell sharply, the concept was outdated and from January 1, 1993, a regulated three-way catalytic converter was mandatory in all EEC countries. The very last Renault 4 - not a Bye Bye - was assembled in 1994 in Morocco.

The Bye Bye badge on the dashboard betrays the number of this limited series, where the numbering went from 1.000 to 1. Photo: Le Classic / Catawiki
The Bye Bye badge on the dashboard betrays the number of this limited series, where the numbering went from 1.000 to 1. Photo: Le Classics / Catawiki

Building number 0065
The Renault 4 Bye Bye offered by Catawiki has been given "construction number 0065" by its makers. The plate attached to the dashboard shows it. The white Bye Bye has long been in the possession of the previous owner, who bought the car after two years of 2.

History known, excellent condition
The history of this 1108 cc motorized car is known. The Bye Bye, with which 120.000 kilometers were covered, has a well-maintained technique. This also applies to the bodywork, where the inner beams and the edges are provided with a protective tectyl layer. The interior is also in excellent condition, according to the advertiser. The offered Renault 4 is equipped with belts on the rear seat, a digital clock, a parcel shelf and the blue checkered upholstery. For the candidates it is also good to know that the Bye Bye in France is provided with a new CT inspection, which is valid for two years. With this Renault 4 you only have to visit the MOT again in 2017.

Estimated revenue: maximum € 9.750
According to the auctioneer, the revenue from the Bye Bye will be between € 7.500 and € 9.750. When the car is sold, the new owner of this unique Renault 4 will be assured of a special car.

In Auto Motor Klassiek 1-2016 you can read a detailed article including purchasing advice before and history of the Renault 4.



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