Catawiki offers beautiful and early VW Scirocco

At the current vintage auction of Catawiki, an exceptionally beautiful first-generation Volkswagen Scirocco is being offered. Volkswagen's beautiful blue spike coupé has led a beautiful life in Italy and is now waiting in Belgium for a new owner with a competitive state preference.

The Scirocco is built in 1975 and has a mileage of 119.400 km. Allegedly it would be one of the very first produced cars of this type, who could spend his life so far in a warm and dry climate. The VW was never ordered, which is also presented as accident-free and healthy. A really beautiful and unadulterated copy.

Restored last decade
This classic was completely refurbished between 2005 and 2007. The car was painted over in its beautiful original laguna blue color. The original paint was completely weathered by the southern sun. This car was also completely overhauled mechanically. Parts were replaced for almost € 4.000. This VW has all the necessary Italian documents to be able to register it in various European countries. The Scirocco has obtained an ASI certificate in 2007 (Italian certificate for the compliant old-timer) and in 2011 this Scirocco was central to the magazine "Ruoteclassiche" a report of this beautiful car.

Basic equipment
The first buyer of this Scirocco chose to choose the basic equipment level and to spray the Scirocco - recognizable as early-produced specimens on the double windscreen wipers among others - into the beautiful laguna blue. This' 75-er Scirocco knows the 1.093 cc 50 PK power source that also found its way into the Gulf.

Bidding: until tonight 20.00 hours
Until tonight's 20.00 hour, it's still possible to place a bid through Catawiki to bring out. Auctioneer Sander Houdel takes into account an estimated return that is between € 10.000 and € 13.000. By the way, you will soon be reading more about the first generation of the Scirocco through these columns, which is still enjoying great popularity.

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