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Do you know the brand and type of this oldtimer or youngtimer?

An enigmatic engine

A mysterious engine. A clumsy home-build or a genius concept? These photos have been circulating within well-known circles for a while. Like a kind of search pictures. The most in-depth analysis came from a forum user who clearly recognized an attempt to do something…

There classics purchasing (copy)

What is this?

Do you know what this is? What is this? Discovered in an underground garage in the British capital. No brand or type designation can be found on the entire car. On the road tax disc behind the windscreen, but you cannot…

The big windshield guessing game?

Prizes cannot be won with it, but we know for sure that one or two people will be happy with the solution to this mystery. For at least two years since loyal reader Frans Commandeur who enjoys the lyrics every month and perhaps also those who happen to be looking for the windshield of this unknown classic.