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    Peugeot 203-403 book. Beautiful reference work in the best tradition of Wim Noorman

    Classics editor Wim Noorman has been a great lover of classic Peugeots for years. In addition, he owns several classics. In addition to some beautiful Lancias and a Facel Vega under construction, some historic Peugeot models are also included in his collection. The predilection for the beautiful old Peugeot models is not only limited to the ownership of […] More

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    Back in the days…

    Our world used to be different. Print media performed great. And TV had begun its rise. New cars were touted by men like Fred van de Vlucht, the Godfather of Dutch automobiles. Characters instead of babblers Van der Vlugt became unforgettable because of the unorthodox way in which he puts cars to the test […] More

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    Old books and polished knowledge

    The time when a car enthusiast got out of bed in the morning, calculated gear ratios from his head during breakfast and after breakfast sawed the calculated gears with a jigsaw from double hardened steel? That time never came. Most of us, classic enthusiasts, have a nice, broad technical knowledge. That can […] More

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    Biography Gijs van Lennep has been published

    The biography of Gijs van Lennep was published yesterday. The book could of course only be presented in one place: at Pon, between the Porsches. 'It is not a Porsche book,' says compiler Mark Koense, 'but Gijs van Lennep's racing career is of course inextricably linked to Porsche. However, in the book you also see the […] More

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    Two-wheelers from then

    Two-wheelers from that time. That book is therefore about motorcycles and scooters from/to 1885-1930 in museums. In the early XNUMXs, fourteen international motorcycle brands were officially sold in the Netherlands, including six from Italy, two from the Federal Republic of Germany, four from Japan and one from the United States. Once upon a time, the national motorcycle enthusiast had a […] More

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    2the hand books

    The Spanish motorcycle industry A book by Mick Walker about Ossa, Bultaco and other Spanish motorcycle brands. A story about a disappeared industry More

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    Maximum Mini edition 3

    Yes, because even in the first and second editions of Maximum Mini from 2009 and 2014 not even all models and versions are described. In the last part, another 397 derivatives are discussed. These have not been featured in Jeroen Booij's previous Mini books before. The […] More

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    "I could write a book about that"

    DO that too!!. Otherwise it will never happen! AMK reader Reinder Bielleman has had the idea in his mind for a long time. But it just didn't happen... But after Reinder had lost the fight against a bus on a technical knockout on his motorcycle, he took […] More

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