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  • Summertime blues

    Summertime blues – column

    Where I live it is quite touristy in the summer. There are some campsites nearby where residents from here in the village come to forage. One of these is a German who comes to do morning errands on a Honda Monkey during his stay here. One thing he left behind on his motorhome without a doubt Read more

  • Panther

    Panther J72

    Sometimes a car presents itself and you are not sure what to think of it. A car that does not fit in a box and cannot be interpreted. Is it beautiful now? The yellow license plates are confusing me. You expect blue with such an antique model, right? And is there on the Read more

  • It was spring for me

    It was spring for me – column

    Every journey exists by the grace of its stops. So also the first 'almost spring trip'. My Lief came out of the sidecar from under her bearskins, my unique Husky winter overalls were put on guard in the corner and we happily walked onto the gas-fired terrace. After a ride through the Flemish Plains Read more

  • A difficult but clear decision

    Women and mushrooms… – column

    I met him in Arnhem and recognized him. The son of a motorcycling acquaintance, now it looks like he's already in his thirties. So the son, not the father. I knew he also rode a motorcycle and he was wearing an old leather jacket with a Ducati decal sewn on. The jacket was really old. Read more

  • The Silver Marriage and the Silver Bug

    The Silver Marriage and the Silver Bug

    Rubbing my hands, I look forward to the prospect. We write December 27, 1992. Tomorrow my parents will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in Haarlem. For the occasion, Aunt Dien and Aunt Willie are staying at my parents' house. They are my father's aunts. They come from Kampen and are already with you for the occasion Read more

  • A warned person….

    Be warned… – column

    Everything used to be… well, never mind. But if you score a user manual for the 1 Sportsters for 2007 euro on King's Day, a whole new world will open up for you. The short 200-page volume is full of 'Warning' and 'Caution', and limiting liabilities. And how moronic the contemporary motorcyclist is estimated Read more

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