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  • Innocenti Mini

    Innocenti Mini

    As the owner of an Innocenti Mini, it's good to know that you can run into 'some problems' while doing it. The – Italian – Innocenti, a company founded by Ferdinando Innocenti, produced refrigerators, mopeds, scooters and cars, among other things. License construction In 1960 a contract was concluded with the then British Motor Corporation More

  • North France

    Take a break: To the North of France

    Take a break. You dare to think about that again with this weather. Do something that others don't do, spend a few days in Northern France, Nord Pas de Calais, Haute Normandie or Piccardie. These are areas that every classic can reach and where time often seems to run out More

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    King DIY 2017

    On June 3, MotoPort Hengelo will again organize its annual King's Self-Building Day. This year it will be the sixth edition! Who will be King Self-build 2017? You maybe? Do you have your own classic, café racer, bratsyle, chopper, bobber or a self-build motorcycle that cannot be pigeonholed and do you want to participate? Report More

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    Ford Taunus 15M RS

    One reader has his eyes on a Ford Taunus 15M RS, “a car about which there is little to no information. I am especially interested in the sore spots,” he told us. He has found one, a gray-with-those-black stripes across the flanks. Or that one More

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    Ron Hickman

    Deceased at the beginning of 2011 at the age of 78, enjoys worldwide fame as the inventor of the Black & Decker Workmate (of which more than 30 million (!) have already been sold). But did you know that after working in the design department at Ford in Dagenham, he is the man More

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    VW & Deutsche Post

    Did you know that the Deutsche Post – then simply called Deutsches Bundespost – delivered letters and parcels in right-hand drive Volkswagen Beetles until the 1.000s? The trolleys were made in the cheapest version, although over the years many tens of thousands of copies were specially built, equipped with a XNUMX More

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    Mitsubsihi Mirage

    Did you know that the first Mitsubsihis of the Mirage type in 1978 were equipped with two (!) Gears? One to switch on or back, with the other poker, another 'resistance' of the differential could be engaged. "Power" or "Economy." More

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    Power steering

    Did you know that 'power steering' was first applied to an automobile as far back as 1876? The American Fitts is considered responsible for this. In 1903 – mechanical – power steering was mounted on a truck for the first time. That was on a 5 tonne Columbia. The American Robert E. Twyford got the patent on More

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