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  • Fascination with decay?

    Fascination with decay? 

    Where can you still find places in the Netherlands where the elements have free rein and have done their job for years? Where the beauty of the decline can still be seen? We found another beautiful place in Gelderland where some special emergency vehicles were resting (and rusting) peacefully. By: Dirk de Jong Door More

  • Verkeerd Afgelopen

    Verkeerd Afgelopen

    Emotionally speaking: What goes on in the minds of people who leave their cars in gardens, sheds and sheds to rust away? We don't understand, it has been someone's pride and joy and a part of someone's life too. But the photos make it clear that they are now unloved, unwanted and discarded More

  • Rolls Royce under sail photo Jacques van den Bergh 5

    Rolls-Royce under sail

    Actually, I can't remember ever being able to spot a special car in the open air in the Netherlands. But on Friday, July 30, I saw this car to my amazement. You could tell he had once been under a tarpaulin. More

  • Hillman Imp

    Hillman Imp

    In 1963, the Rootes Group launched the Hillman Imp, as an antidote to British Motor Corporation's successful Mini. The Imp was a lot more conventional than its stubborn counterpart. It was just a small rear-engined, rear-wheel drive car. Characteristic is that the engine was made of aluminum. More

  • Holden

    Holden, found fading away

    Holden is a car brand that is not very common in Europe. It is an Australian product of General Motors. Australia is a nation with its own identity and – until recently – its own car industry. Although it may not ring any bells with you, it is a historic car brand. Through: More

  • DAF camper

    DAF camper, is it time to say goodbye?

    Just a little while and this DAF camper is anchored deep in the earth, the elements have had free play for years. The owner may see this unique DAF as a storage type, but for us it is a sad sight. It goes without saying that after so many years in the same place, the DAF with the DIY caravan slowly More

  • Respectless end

    Respectless end?

    For us, the concept of 'Banger racing' does not give any charm. On the contrary, we like to see special old-timers saved. This Ford is ready to finish in such a race and was specially obtained for this purpose from a wrecker in Germany. A disrespectful ending. In the Banger race, the goal is simple: Bring some More

  • Matra Bagheera

    Matra Bagheera: Verkeerd Afgelopen

    A GPS system is a revelation, not only that addresses are found flawlessly, but that the route often leads over the smallest roads, even sandy paths. All this on command of a sweet-voiced female voice. And so we drove towards the autumn of 2016 in France on a forest path where suddenly the pictured here More

  • Verkeerd afgelopen
    in ,

    Verkeerd afgelopen? Without much comment

    The French Limousin is empty and undamaged. In such an area there is little chance of finding many classics besides some flea market stuff and old farm implements. So in that respect the holiday was less successful. But it was nice and quiet. Classics are where people were So not in the Limousin. Here More

  • Mini Clubman Estate

    Mini Clubman Estate - Just picking up?

    Looking at the pictures will also convince you that you won't make it with just 'tapping' on this Mini Clubman Estate. The 1973 wagon has stood in a small garden about 15 kilometers from Newmarket in the County of Suffolk for decades. Enjoying his 'Old Day', More

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