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With these oldtimers or youngtimers it is final verkeerd afgelopen.

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Hillman Imp

Hillman Imp

In 1963, the Rootes Group launched the Hillman Imp, as an antidote to the successful Mini from rival British Motor Corporation. The Imp was a lot more conventional than its stubborn counterpart. It was just a small car with the engine in the back…


Holden, found fading away

Holden is a car brand that is not common in Europe. It is an Australian product from General Motors. Australia is a nation with its own identity and - until recently - its own car industry. Even though it is…

Respectless end

Respectless end?

For us, the concept of 'Banger racing' has no charm. On the contrary, we like to see special vintage cars being saved. This Ford is ready to finish in such a race and was specially brought from a scrap yard in Germany for this purpose. An…