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Purchasing classics there

Classics in the Ardennes, how long?

A long weekend of lounging in the Walloon Ardennes is always a fun excursion. With an older car. Nice and drivable and yet completely abroad. But without too steep slopes or breathtaking passes. Nice is not it? It is not without reason that you see entire herds of classics on four or two wheels in the region.
Invest in a classic

Invest in a classic

A classic car can be an excellent investment. As an enthusiast and collector you also enjoy it a lot. There is a big difference between old and gold. Exclusive cars in particular have been increasing in value in recent years, some brands and models of which are faster than others. This has to do with the condition, exclusivity and age of the car.

Auto Motor Klassiek closing date 9-2020

We already know more or less what will be in the September issue. In this article we have already made a brief overview of it. It is also useful to know that the closing date is next Tuesday, August 4. Until that day, you can still register classics, submit press releases or otherwise bring your business to the attention of classic-loving Netherlands. You will also find the relevant links in this article.