• Horex Imperator

    Horex Imperator (1954-1958)

    Horex, as it existed from 1928 to 1956, was a company that built motorcycles of absolute top quality. Apart from the quality of Horex, that undeniable quality, Horex was still the brand of the just too late or wrong decisions. And that is and remains a pity. The Horex Imperator (1954-1958) … Throughout the XNUMXs and […] More

  • Mission accomplished: Harald spoken!
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    Mission accomplished: Harald spoken!

    As a puppy, Den Boet, Wolsink, Sheene and Cruijf were never my heroes. Because if I could have driven better and if my Jawa had been faster, or if I had had more feeling for the ball, I could have performed the same. But I completely dreamed away at the then King DIY projects […] More

  • Also the best Japanese four-cylinder: The Suzuki GS1000

    Suzuki GS 1000. Also the best Japanese four-cylinder.

    According to good sources, that is the best Japanese air-cooled four-cylinder. Just like the CB750, the FJ 1200 and some other Tigers of the Year. Does not matter. A beautiful Suzuki GS 1000 is a classic topper from the time when technology was not yet about software. The fact that Suzuki only later in […] More

  • The BMW R50/5. A service bicycle

    BMW R50/5. A service bicycle

    There has been a clear line for a long time: The BMW boxers (the two-valves) came in three flavors: A top model, a sidecar machine and a service bicycle. When BMW experienced its miraculous resurrection, there was a sting in the story: BMW declared that no sidecars could be attached to it. That that (later) […] More

  • It's always something…

    It's always something…

    Going back in time is not easy. But it can. In any case, a lot of work is being done in the retro corner. In the automotive world, fuel injection has been the norm for decades. And in our classic world there are already quite a few 25+'ers with petrol injection. But 'new' motorcycles can no longer […] More

  • A thick Boat Tail

    A thick Boat Tail

    We are fortunate to know Ben van Helden. Ben trains goldsmiths and is a motorcycle enthusiast. His approach is to buy a pathetic, somewhat more unusual engine and to fix it with all the love and craftsmanship of a master goldsmith. When that is done, he drives around a bit, goes […] More

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