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  • Twilight zone: The Citr
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    Twilight zone: The Citr

    We have recently moved into the classic twilight zone with modified or self-built machines. These are usually not sawn-up masterpieces, but honest pieces of craftsmanship from the past when motorcycles were not yet widely accepted lifestyle toys. Recently another such copy came into the picture That twin was a year or Read more

  • The looked into: The Yamahalf 650
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    The saw in: the Yamahalf 650

    Of course XSs are the best. And I've had two of them before. But for the last twenty years I've stuck with Russian tricycles and Guzzi's, those good tractors. Oh, yeah: And the head-down line of pre-war bikes with a rigid rear frame? I always have that very nice Read more

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    the self-builders

    When a modern motorcyclist wants to show off his or her unique individuality? Then he or she simply checks off the option list that the manufacturer has made for his model. For a few brands, those option lists have grown into almost voluptuous books. If all that beauty is also mounted by the dealer, then even the warranty is retained. We find this approach a sign of weakness and so we came back to the corner of the self-builders. So a while ago we made an appeal to find out what still lives among us, classic enthusiasts. Read more

  • Own construction 6
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    Friedl did better

    But better isn't always more fun. Sometimes perfection is even threatening. Every now and then you almost get blocked behind your keyboard. If you're working on a story about Münch, for example. Because Munich is like religion. So much has been written about it already. And besides all that text, there is also the machine itself. What a motorcycle! What a huge amount of work that goes into that! What a genius! Friedl Münch built, with blunt tenacity, the strongest series motorcycles in the world. From 1966 to 1976. And it's only cost him money and his health. Read more

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    King DIY

    Following the call for self-built motorcycles, Henk Hultink (1946) from Marum responded. Around 1968 Henk built the HultiNSU. That was a 1200 cc NSU block in a Norton Featherbed frame. Behind the block was an inverted Norton four-speed gearbox. The home-building went completely seriously – and with a lot of pan sponges in the Read more