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  • Blue-plate engines: the heart of classic Hondas hit by devastating fire
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    Blueplate Engines: the heart of classic Hondas hit by devastating fire

    The classic motorcycle world was shaken when a fire broke out on August 2nd at Blauweplaat Motoren, a famous trade specialized in 70s Honda 4-cylinder motorcycles. Located in Veldhoven, the business has a huge following among enthusiasts of classic motorcycles. Marc Nudeborn, the passionate owner, was on vacation when disaster struck. The fire destroyed […] More

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    Voluntary Classic Inspection. APK alternative for exempt classics

    BOVAG Dutch Car Restorers department, FEHAC and KNAC held the Voluntary Classic Inspection (VKI) on 12 January during the preview day of the InterClassics Maastricht. This inspection is intended for classic cars aged 50 and older, which have been exempt from the APK obligation since the beginning of 2021. At the beginning of 2021, cars 50 years and older will be […] More

  • Backpacks in Cellai (Tuscany)

    Backpacks in Cellai (Tuscany)

    Simplicity still makes the Fiat 500 special, the nostalgic Fiats have a large crowd of enthusiasts throughout Europe. The Italian campsite in Tuscany received no fewer than 100 little ones as a stopover during a rally through the beautiful landscape. By: Dirk de Jong The charm is proverbial, an advertisement from the […] More

  • Citroën DS: Innovative in every way!

    Citroën DS: Innovative in every way!

    On the Citroënevent Citro Classica at Twenthe airport in Enschede, the organization had pulled out all the stops at the beginning of May and you could see that the vision of Citroën has always been special in design and design. A French atmosphere for young and old with very special models. Like the performances of […] More

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    Hans's lender

    Recently we wondered what we, from classic circles, thought that the technically excellent, generously patina-provided 2CV borrowed from Hans should yield. After the sale, Hans is not without ducks yet. And he has his eye on a fresh project yet again. But he still doubts. Because then he has one duck too many. More

  • DAF 33 combi

    DAF 33 – Not verkeerd afgelopen

    And there is a DAFJE 33 in work clothes around the corner. It looks built in by tall grass what'verkeerd afgelopen' from. Inquiring with the friendly car cleaner learned otherwise. The Dafje has not been forgotten, nor is it for sale. It's from scooter specialist Welbie. And the company car is about to be rescued. On the same alternative route through my own hometown, I saw three more classics that apparently required a lot of overdue maintenance. More

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