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    Restore yourself… a fat Healey

    The idea is that everyone used to restore and that classics are now only bought in tip-top condition by investors or the new rich looking for fun lifestyle things. That deserves a side note. Because if you are in 'the classic world', you can usually name a handful of fellow sufferers who at least tinker themselves and possibly half of them at least have a restoration history. Read more

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    Originality and patina

    "Everyone is nice." That is of course the wise lesson in classic country. One person doesn't like Japanese classics at all, the other is sure that the early shovelheads were the last Real Harleys. And a Zastava? Which has been converted into an Abarth look-a-like? Is that an abomination or heart-conquering? Read more

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    Restoration is investing in loss

    Well… almost always. And of course we have to take into account that the world has gone mad. Yet. When I saw the advertisement about the - of course again - Moto Guzzi V7 found in a shed, I immediately fell in love. From experience, however, I immediately put him in oblivion. In the meantime he will no doubt have been sold or adopted. Read more

  • VW T3 restoration

    VW T3 by Hans Rump and an original restoration

    Much is said and written about keeping a classic original. One owner keeps it to the original specifications, or restores it in this way. The other opts for a conversion to electric. Hans Rump chose evolution, and put his personality in his VW Typ2 T3 Pritschenwagen. He saved him from destruction and created something special: a VW T3 with 1.9 TDI engine and 147 HP. It was an original restoration, without Hans keeping the original condition intact. But it did unambiguously hold onto the character of the Volkswagen.  Read more

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    Patina. The blues ...

    Think what a pretty elderly lady Patty Brard would have been if she hadn't been restored. 'Youth' and 'new' are transience. And if you look beyond the issues of the day, people and machines become more beautiful the more years they have gathered. And that time draws? Fine. That makes the difference. Read more

  • Triumph TR8 front side

    Triumph TR8, restoration of one of the 150 coupé prototypes

    Triumph TR8… V8 power after interbellum Family expansion and related activities, then one fits Triumph TR7 no longer in life. Kees Kappetijn kept himself sweet with a passionate car collection and decided that after this interbellum he would make up for the damage with a Triumph TR8, the V8 model. Two even, including one of Read more

  • Buick Eight Super

    Buick Eight Super 1953, restoration

    The American Dream By Max de Krijger Erik Brederode's 1953 Buick Eight Super is an anniversary car. The brand existed for 50 years at the time and that is why the anniversary model has been given a V8. Connoisseurs see this immediately, although the chance that you will encounter the exact same version in the Netherlands is not so Read more