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  • Hillman Imp. Do you remember it?

    Hillman Imp. Do you remember it?

    As a fanatic Citroën enthusiast, Sipke van der Kooi is convinced that France has been way ahead of their time when it comes to automobiles. Citroën was always a good example, the constructors genius! That does not alter the fact that he likes to go to car museums on his holidays and can also show interest in other manufacturers. Together Read more

  • Citroën BX 4TC a huge gamble

    Citroën BX 4TC a huge gamble

    The BX-XL with a substantial power and nose. Unfortunately, he never really came out of the paint, and certainly not from the showroom, this one Citroën BX 4TC. This rally version of the normal BX was also equipped with the formidable hydropneumatic suspension system. A brilliant idea, it seemed, but where the system Read more

  • Citroën GS Birotor. Unstable prodigy

    Citroën GS Birotor. Unstable prodigy

    Rarely has a car flopped into oblivion so progressively. Perhaps one of the most special Citroëns since ages, yet almost no one knows about its existence anymore. Just like Dries Roelvink, except for that special one. And the Citroën GS Birotor was never available in swimming trunks yellow, Dieu merci. Brown metallic or beige, more choices were Read more

  • Porsche 928. Unrecognized perfection

    Porsche 928. Unrecognized perfection

    But now that it seems to be the umpteenth cold investment, it suddenly becomes interesting. That is, in fact, an even grosser misjudgment. Its strength does not suddenly lie in an ill-considered amount of euros, dollars or other earthly mud: the Porsche 928 has always been brilliant as a car. Successor De über-Porsche was perfectly intended; a Read more

  • Yue Loong Feeling

    Yue Loong Feeling

    If a car had "Made in Taiwan" written on it, it was nothing special. As long as it wasn't a gleaming full-size wreck that someone had paid roughly $13.000. Photos: Luuk van Kaathoven In 1992, that actually happened a few times in our country. 122 poor bastards had Read more

  • Renault Fuego. It remained with smoldering

    Renault Fuego. It remained with smoldering

    That was wrong. The design of the Renault Fuego was attractive and balanced, the technology both tried and tested and progressive. But those eternal prejudices ... Cliché Those eternal prejudices: Americans are fat and fake. All. Germans have an evolutionary dislike for any joke, but are statistically not that striking again Read more

  • Dutch glory. The DAF 55.

    DAF 55. Dutch glory.

    During the final agreement of 1967, DAF introduced its first passenger car with a water-cooled four-cylinder engine. The DAF 44 had been launched a year earlier, with a new body designed by Michelotti. That body was basically also the housing for the new 55, which saw the light of day in December 1967. The Read more

  • Sbarro Challenge. Concrete column

    Sbarro Challenge. Concrete column

    Franco Sbarro definitely has a sense of humor. He must have designed the Sbarro Challenge during a howling fit of laughter. And if it wasn't at that time, the creative Swiss would at least get one when someone actually bought this frenzied creation. Catwalk That even became the giggles, because he sold Read more

  • GM Futurliner – An Alien Bus

    GM Futurliner – An Alien Bus

    It looked like a street version of the Jumbo-Jet in Art Deco style. Only that Boeing did not exist yet, so unique and progressive was this GM Futurliner. Almost alien. That was certainly true of his turning circle, but that was not so important. Its function is, it was a rolling showcase for technical developments and Read more

  • Lamborghini LM002. Hufter with a good heart

    Lamborghini LM002. Hufter with a good heart

    In any case, a big heart: in the front of the Lamborghini LM002 the same twelve-cylinder as that of the legendary Countach roared. Even such a humble type. Blissful madness Lamborghini was downright bad at producing modest cars. They also had very little experience with building terrain cars, but that their SUV is a wallflower Read more

  • The Kalmar DAF. A purposeful Daf

    Kalmar-DAF. A targeted DAF

    Simmering Dafjes were never show-off tools, but this Kalmar-Daf certainly had no pretensions. The unique thing only delivered the Swedish mail. Hero Hardly any other vehicle was better at that than this working class hero. Maybe bigger. In the United States, the characteristic Willys Dispatcher Jeeps drove from the mid-fifties Read more

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