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  • Sbarro Challenge. Concrete column

    Sbarro Challenge. Concrete column

    Franco Sbarro definitely has a sense of humor. He must have designed the Sbarro Challenge during a howling fit of laughter. And if it wasn't at that time, the creative Swiss would at least get one when someone actually bought this frenzied creation. Catwalk That even became the giggles, because he sold Read more

  • GM Futurliner – An Alien Bus

    GM Futurliner – An Alien Bus

    It looked like a street version of the Jumbo-Jet in Art Deco style. Only that Boeing did not exist yet, so unique and progressive was this GM Futurliner. Almost alien. That was certainly true of his turning circle, but that was not so important. Its function is, it was a rolling showcase for technical developments and Read more

  • Lamborghini LM002. Hufter with a good heart

    Lamborghini LM002. Hufter with a good heart

    In any case, a big heart: in the front of the Lamborghini LM002 the same twelve-cylinder as that of the legendary Countach roared. Even such a humble type. Blissful madness Lamborghini was downright bad at producing modest cars. They also had very little experience with building terrain cars, but that their SUV is a wallflower Read more

  • The Kalmar DAF. A purposeful Daf

    Kalmar-DAF. A targeted DAF

    Simmering Dafjes were never show-off tools, but this Kalmar-Daf certainly had no pretensions. The unique thing only delivered the Swedish mail. Hero Hardly any other vehicle was better at that than this working class hero. Maybe bigger. In the United States, the characteristic Willys Dispatcher Jeeps drove from the mid-fifties Read more

  • Mini 1275 GT. British Leylands' successor to the Cooper S

    Mini 1275 GT. British Leylands' successor to the Cooper S

    At the end of the sixties, the builders of the Mini Cooper and the Cooper S could look back on a successful period. The peppery Mini Cooper S surprised friend and foe in the 20s by winning the Monte Carlo Rally three times officially and once unofficially. Two successful generations of the Cooper were followed by the ADO 1275 variant of the sportsman. The Mark III made its appearance in that year. He was joined by his successor, the Mini XNUMX GT. Read more

  • Fiat 600 Savio Junggla

    Fiat 600 Savio Junggla

    On the basis of the Fiat 500 and Fiat 600, many playful minds have already given their thoughts free rein. Because Italians are Italians, the first approach was to make these (very) compact rear-wheel drive units with the rear engine… as quickly as possible. Then we immediately think of the legendary Abarths and all the brave toddlers who at least had the looks of an Abarth. But the Fiat 500-600 also inspired people with a more businesslike outlook on life. Like the makers at Savio, who thought that such a Fiat would be an excellent basis for a government car. The Fiat 600 Savio Jungla. Read more

  • Audi Super 90 Karmann Cabriolet

    Unique. The only Audi Super 90 Karmann Cabriolet in the world

    Let's go back to the 2016 Bremen Classic Motor Show, when there was no lockdown yet and the world mainly knew Corona from the beer and the car. During the Bremen Classic Motor Show, the large crowd had the opportunity to see some special Karmann models and prototypes. The main theme was a rare collection. Not far from the Sonderschau was a car that would certainly have fitted in. However, it was not part of the Karmann collection, but was owned by the German Stephan Wöber: the Audi Super 90 Karmann Cabriolet. Read more

  • IMG 2012

    Zündapp Janus. Dwarf car in mirror image.

    It's the fifties. After the Second World War, the economy continued to improve. It went well for the people. They got more money to spend and wanted something different than the daily transport by motorcycle, through all kinds of weather. Germany is rising and the automotive industry is recovering. It is the Read more

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