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  • MB 100

    Mercedes-Benz MB 100 D: Rarer than a fat AMG

    Mercedes is of course famous for many classics. But when was the last time you saw a Mercedes-Benz MB 100 D? And that while whole masses of vans are used as campers or food trucks? The MB 100s were available from 1988 to 1995 as the smallest commercial vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. They became in More

  • Jaguar S-type

    Jaguar S-Type 3.8

    One of Auto Motor Klassiek's loyal readers approached us in an original way. He just emailed a valuation report of a Jaguar S-Type 3.8. Admittedly, that didn't lie. A very charming car was thoroughly assessed on numerous points. A report you can take home with you! We understood very well what the More

  • VW Golf I Convertible
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    VW Golf I Convertible

    It is May 1994. Exactly 20 years after the introduction of the Golf I, a brand new VW Golf I Cabriolet is delivered in beautiful Inka blue just before the summer in Leiderdorp. The Golf II (never made as a convertible) will then no longer be available for 3 years. Its successor, the Golf III Cabriolet More

  • Citroën DS 20 Break

    Citroën DS 20 Break. The Nose of the Pike.

    When owner Marc gladly informs me that we are allowed to photograph a great 50 year old 7 seater station wagon, it can be German, French, Swedish or American, but in any case something beautiful. When a few days later I am in a neighborhood in Amstelveen where a garage door slowly has a pointed nose with a split More

  • BMW 6 series

    BMW 633 CSi

    I call A about the sale of his BMW 6 Series E24. He has to sell it because of his return to Suriname. “Forever!” he adds when I have him on the phone. "But the roads are too bad for this car so I'm selling it." He turns out to be the BMW 633 CSi 38 More

  • Citroën HY continues to inspire

    Citroën HY continues to inspire

    The local fries farmer used to do with his Citroën HY the round. That was a holiday. Much later I heard that the deep-fat fryer earned quite a bit by selling jenever – there were no more exotic spirits at that time – from under the serving tray. Cheers! Real entrepreneurs see their opportunities. Citroën HY: In More

  • Saab 96

    Saab 96 two-stroke Short Nose, 1962

    I traveled to Dalfsen for a very special classic. We are talking about a 96 Saab 1962 two-stroke Short Nose. Special because of the cart, but even more so because of the condition. Now I come across restored classics on a daily basis. Often in this condition too. But rarely is there a lover who has a More

  • Jaguar XJ-S

    Jaguar XJ-S. Reborn in the right body.

    It was 1975 when Jaguar replaced the legendary E-Type with the Jaguar XJ-S. A beautiful car that has been gaining popularity especially in recent years. I am standing on a quay in Enkhuizen for a photo shoot with a beautiful bronze Convertible, which according to the first owner was born in the wrong body. No convertible Het More

  • The Yugo Sana 1,4. A forgotten car

    Yugo Sana 1,4. A forgotten car

    Yugo Sana 1,4. Who didn't dream of it in 1991? No one? oops. Wrong approach apparently. The Sana certainly didn't look bad. It was therefore designed by Giorgietto Guigiaro's company Ital Design. Rumor has it that the car was designed for Fiat, but rejected as a design there. The Yugo Sana had to be Europe More

  • Hillman Imp. Do you remember it?

    Hillman Imp. Do you remember it?

    As a fanatic Citroën enthusiast, Sipke van der Kooi is convinced that France has been way ahead of their time when it comes to automobiles. Citroën was always a good example, the constructors genius! That does not alter the fact that he likes to go to car museums on his holidays and can also show interest in other manufacturers. Together More

  • Citroën BX 4TC a huge gamble

    Citroën BX 4TC a huge gamble

    The BX-XL with a substantial power and nose. Unfortunately, he never really came out of the paint, and certainly not from the showroom, this one Citroën BX 4TC. This rally version of the normal BX was also equipped with the formidable hydropneumatic suspension system. A brilliant idea, it seemed, but where the system More

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