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Biodiesel almost under the spell. Now for the opportunistic diesel drivers. Classic love has nothing to do with crassness
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Biodiesel almost under the spell. Now for the opportunistic diesel drivers. Classic love has nothing to do with crassness

Biodiesel was presented a few years ago as the clean alternative to fossil diesel. The fuel is made on the basis of vegetable oil or animal fats. In order to meet the high demand, entire plantations for the production of rapeseed, palm oil and soy are being created that have a negative environmental effect.

In particular, deforestation, watering and the fact that food is used as fuel is encountering increasing resistance. Studies have also shown that the production of first-generation biodiesel generates higher CO2 emissions than regular diesel.

The EU sees this as a reason to draw a line for the production of first-generation biodiesel. However, the production of sustainable biodiesel made from agricultural and urban waste will be further encouraged.

Food prices
Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate: “We are not stopping the biodiesel industry. They can continue to produce what they produce now. But we cannot morally afford to build a very large industry on something that is not good for the environment and food prices. "

The EU wants ten percent of the transport fuel in 2020 to come from renewable sources.

The European Biodiesel Board (EBB), a non-profit organization to promote biodiesel, responded indignantly to the measure. According to the EBB, the rule can lead to a catastrophic end of the industry, which is worth 10 billion per year. The organization also believes that more data is needed to substantiate the figures on CO2 emissions from biodiesel production.

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  1. Good afternoon.
    It is unbelievable, a few years ago the industry was made happy with a blending obligation of 10% bioenergy per 2020. Many manufacturers have invested in increasing production to be able to meet this future demand !! Out of the blue it is now proposed that the Biodiesel percentage should not be higher than 5% !! The reason would be that Bioethanol reduces CO 2 in proportion more than Biodiesel! For Bioethanol, however, grains and corn are used, which could also serve as human food, much more than the required rapeseed oil !!!! Do you still get it ?? I think it's time for people with vision, without self-interest, who really want to work for humanity !! So that everyone knows where and how they can work effectively towards a good future. We wish many wise drivers with VISION for the future !!
    Greeting Jaap.

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