Ceramic paste: Copper grease 2.0

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Ceramic paste: Copper grease 2.0.

Also so proud of the dented kiloblik copper grease in your tool cabinet? That grease that does not really lubricate but that prevents it from being eaten is not always great, but is now somewhat dated. There is now ceramic paste ..

So ceramic pasta. That does not have such a beautiful color, but does its work between -180 - / + 1200 degrees. And in contrast to our old copper grease: it is rust-dissolving and actively lubricating!

What else can we see that it is not a hobby item from the Praxis or Halfords? At the price. And read the leaflet. The stuff does a fantastic job. But it is not good for you with skin contact, inhalation or eye contact. You may not reassemble the pond pump with it. It is harmful to aquatic life in the long term. And then you sit nicely with a sick seal in your pond. No matter how well it works: it's just toxic.

But it does more than perfect for what it was made for. Ceramic grease is 2.0 copper fat. The stuff can be sold via the internet or simply via the car parts store. Think of Rustbuster, Brezan and van Silfhout and so on. The pasta that comes from China via Alibaba, no quality characteristics can be guaranteed. It's just time we left those Chinese with their mess.

Ceramic grease (the modern replacement of copper grease) is used when mounting, among other things: bolts, nuts, spark plugs, manifolds, exhaust parts, disc brakes, bushes.

The features:
* Temperature resistant from -180 C to + 1200 C
* Prevents threaded joints from rusting
* Enables optimal tightening of threaded connections and accurate * determination of tightening torque
* Prevents electrolytic corrosion (for example, between aluminum and steel)
* Prevents burns, traps and eats
* Does not affect rubber
* Resistant to (salt) water and steam

The pasta (very thick) is supplied in a pot including a brush.
ATTENTION: Avoid skin and eye contact. Toxic for aquatic life

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