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This 396 Chevrolet Chevelle SS1970 hasn't been on the road for seven years. But he has been reborn. Like New. Or rather: better than new. Because Robin Houtman has tackled and improved the car to perfection.

By: Max the Warrior

Robin bought the Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 from a picture in the Netherlands. It was a reasonable car, but he got to work. Leakage to the engine was the reason. "Because why wouldn't I restore it completely body-off," he looks back on what he now calls a big puzzle. Also because Robin is a perfectionist. The doors, flap and loose parts have been chemically stripped. All bolts and nuts are also galvanized or new stainless steel. “I sanded and blasted the body completely bare. That was weeks of work. But I do it myself, because is a blasting company doing well? ”

Not original

Original? Well no. The Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 includes electric cooling fins and fuel pump. “Building the way I want it to be. Not for the circuit, no traffic lights. But being able to drive it well, ”says Houtman. An extra oil cooler has been placed in front of the machine. The rear axle suspension has been replaced because the polyurethane bushings are too stiff. And a Momo handlebar has been installed. Additional clocks have been placed in the center console. The worm wheel of the handbrake was worn out because it kept jamming. Four big and heavy brakes stop the car.

After seven years - with a few moments of break - the Chevy is better than it was then. Houtman looks back. “You actually have to build the car more often. Completely stripping and then rebuilding. Test drive and then separate again. Only then do you know the car well. ”

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A reaction

  1. Top work. I myself have been working on a Volvo 142E for a 'few' years, the American version of the 142 'Grand Luxe' from 1971. Apparently Volvo did not dare to release this car as 'Grand Luxe' in America. 'Luxury' is of course leather, metallic paint
    overdrive (laycock) and tinted glass. But no air conditioning, power steering or electric windows.
    In America this car cost more than a Corvette.

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