Chevrolet Corvair (1963). René Kennis wants to see the 'life' of the car. 

Chevrolet Corvair (1963)
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The insidious rust did little damage to this sheet metal victim, so it was far from succumbed. There is no doubt that nursing is needed. The plans are therefore to combat the robber baron (rust). But there will be no total restoration, because René is of the opinion that you should continue to see the 'life' of the American. So no major visible changes, the paint remains patina. The improvements come with the engine overhaul and the restoration of the sheet metal. 

By: Dirk de Jong

René Kennis: “Many will not be charmed by the condition of the car, it makes no sense to deny that. I like to look at it from both sides, I am commercially active in the restoration of air-cooled Volkswagens from before 1953 where perfection is the common thread. As experts know, this Corvair is a small American with an air-cooled power source, which can perform its pleasant task as a striking hobby car. ” 

'Lived car' with history 

Last year René got the opportunity to get hold of this Corvair. It had been dusting in an old shed for many years. After the purchase, the car was carefully examined and on the bridge the American turned out to be very neat and the underside almost rust-free. Inquiry at the Corvairclub indicated the correct year of manufacture: 1963. After only two attempts, the engine ran immediately. And the machine that the Corvair is equipped with worked perfectly. Only the brakes did not work, and exhaust and lighting had to be renewed. 

Raw and pure 

This may not be clearly visible in the photo, but under three layers of paint the original sea-green color appeared, which René simply maintains after sanding. So rough and pure. A wonderful addition to the VW Beetles he owns. The advice that René wanted to give to the Auto Motor Klassiek readers: Enjoy and honor your oldtimer ...

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  1. It is better to build the engine in a 911, faster, and you will be killed even sooner!
    But if you leave it in a Corvair, with an incomprehensibly poor handling, you also have to take some risks. A nice street enrichment in this condition!

  2. Good vision from René, I don't like restored cars that are more beautiful than they ever came from the factory. I also have a VW Beetle from 1972, mechanically completely in order, but the body is as it was. You can see from a car that it has lived!

  3. exactly Ton Rossewij that sound of an early Corvair accelerating full throttle with 2spd Powerglide, that is incomparable and comes just behind itto ditto of an early Porsche 911
    as for beautiful sound, the fan of the Porsche howls a little nicer. The Early Corvair
    (1960-1964) should count as my all-time favorite car Man puts that E 15000 E in it anyway
    the cosmetics and restoration that is easily worth it. Unfortunately I don't have the money either.
    Isn't that gear lever just hidden behind the steering wheel? Must protrude from the far right side of the dashboard.

  4. Have always found this a nice car, and still is. The Corvair is (was) very well put together
    screwed. Unsafe at any speed was published after GM had already discontinued production
    drawn. I have often been there with great pleasure. I also think the second generation is beautiful.
    Despite all the trouble that was going around, the General has sold almost 2 million of them.
    The car was not nearly as bad as “people” said, unfortunately, “people” were never or rarely the owner
    of a Corvair. Apart from being good or bad, imho a beautiful design, especially the eaves
    above the rear window plus the proportions are correct. I wish Rene a lot of driving pleasure, the sound alone
    does wonders.
    Nice article, thanks to all those who contributed to this.

  5. My father had one with a compressor and traded in his Porsche 356 CS for it.
    Regret as hair on his head, at the slightest thing the blower ran hot and everything had to be repaired, but it was fast, faster than the Porsche.

  6. My neighbor Jaap Slob used the engine of this car for his trike engine with extras
    oil cooler on it and a Volkswagen gearbox with extra teeth
    to transmit the power behind very nice sound top machine

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