You buy Chevrolet Corvette C3 - convertibles in the fall

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Convertibles, convertibles and buggies? You should never buy them when the birds start singing happily. This market becomes much more interesting for buyers when the birds start coughing again. In the fall or in the well of winter. Would the 1974 Corvette C3 that we saw at Big Boys Toys in Hoevelaken therefore now have an 'action' label?

Open driving. Or close?

Classic convertibles - Americans apparently cannot pronounce that word and therefore refer to 'convertibles' - have only become winter and waterproof with the Saab convertibles. With many classic British cabriolets, the textile cap gave a good suggestion of watertightness at best. That is not a problem, because it is 'all-in-the-game' for motor vehicles. We know a Jaguar-loving couple that drives 'top down' again or not.


Such a convertible top is a part that requires care and maintenance. We summarize some 'do's and' don'ts':

Do not

1. Park under trees
2. Leave in the sun
3. Clean with a high-pressure cleaner or in a car wash
4. Open or close the roof while driving
5. Keep the roof down in cold weather

Do well

1. Parking in carport or garage
2. Pre-clean with first a firm and then with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush
3. Clean with lukewarm water and green soap. That is the classic way. But green soap leaves a residue on which fungi can grow. There are now more modern convertible top cleaners that do not have that problem, as well as impregnation and coating agents. Cleaning a convertible roof is best done a few times a year with normal use. Consult the specialist.
4. Regularly check the lifting and folding mechanism
5. Close the roof when parking. Also in winter storage. Then it stays in good shape and the soft top does not wrinkle unnecessarily.

Remove dry dirt in case of problem cases

In difficult cases you can try to use wide tape. Pick up and carefully pull away to see if the dirt comes off. Of course with policy. You must be careful that you do not open the fabric fabric.

Repairing, a difficult thing

Repairing a convertible top (unfortunately quite often after vandalism) never really makes things better or nicer. In short, most alternative repair methods, apart from replacing a plastic window, can seldom be applied to your convertible top. That is why it is usually best to replace your roof with a new convertible top.

Mad dogs and Englishmen

But if everything is to your liking, then open driving is a wonderful activity. Keep in mind that convertible drivers in countries where the weather has always been nice, close during the day. With the air conditioning on. Only after the sun has lost its power does the hood lower to enjoy, see and be seen. This is in contrast to open riding in the heat of the midday sun (a situation that is not only guilty of 'mad dogs and Englishmen'). It can lead to all sorts of bad things, including dehydration and heat stroke.

But in the meantime, cruising in an open Corvette is of course a party

If only because of its quiet but tough babbling 5,7 liter V8. The controlled violence. The fantastic lines and the typically American interior. And that those beautifully cut Americans usually have an automatic transmission? Ah. That is simply best for cruising. And if the car - just like our example - comes with a hard top? That alone means that the season lasts even longer.

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  1. Microfiber wipes also work well with cleaning. Hot water with a little bit of all-purpose cleaner.
    Also works well with getting rid of fat. If you have “garage black” hands, do not use garage soap but wipe your hands with such a cloth. Keeps your skin intact.
    Among other things, often on offer at Action and Gamma.
    Wash after use at 95C, clean the cloth and use it again (is also a kind of “Environmentally conscious”) then you become popular too. 😎

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