Chevrolet Monte Carlo Coupe (1984) by Jacco. No particular place to go

Chevrolet Coupe Monte Carlo (1984)
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Jacco's automotive hobby life can be summarized in a very well-known text by Chuck Berry. Riding along in my car. My baby beside me at the wheel. I stole a kiss at the turn of a mile. My curiosity running wild. Crusin' and playin' the radio. With no particular place to go. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Jacco wants to cruise with his friends with no particular place to go, he can speak passionately about his American asset to anyone who will listen to him. It is clear that only American cars have his preference. This Chevrolet Monte Carlo Coupe is for him what makes the American so enchanting, not to mention the wonderful raw sound of the Corvette engine. 

Proud driver

Jacco: “You can view the Chevrolet Monte Carlo Coupe from every angle, the pleasant lines of the youngtimer are optimally worth seeing. It was not a time-consuming job of repair or restoration for me, because the car was bought in this condition and complete with the powerful Corvette engine. The data with the car is from 2005 and 2006, what can be learned is that the car was serviced in Brooklyn (New York). I am a proud rider – despite the criticism I get – when I want to put my enthusiasm into words. It is fair to say that reactions are very different. One greets you enthusiastically and the other ignores you completely. My friends all think it's a 'great laid-back cool car' and I feel rich with every kilometer driven.” 

Corvette engine? 

Jacco: “What is special is that there was a note from the first owner with the text: This car was my baby, I hope you enjoy it, this american muscle runs like a bear. The Corvette C4 engine runs really beautifully, giving you goosebumps. I know that the petrol is now almost as expensive as perfume, but it is definitely worth it to me to give the youngtimer the tracks.”

Adoration for the car

Jacco goes very far in his adoration of his Chevrolet Monte Carlo Coupe. He shows a tattoo that reads: “En mi coche me siento libre, esta mi vida”. That means: “In my car I feel free, THIS IS MY LIFE.”

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  1. One of the few beautiful Americans ( ea ), from after '80. Keep it in shape Jaco! And not too many donuts ;). Have your own Firebird Formula with 5.7L LT1 block….. 4sale

  2. I still remember the 1978 model of the Monte Carlo in Belgium, (slightly more exuberant), when Jummy Carter was president and the dollar was no longer worth a whistle compared to the Belgian Franc
    In Belgium, these Americans were dirt cheap at the time, a lot of copies were sold in Belgium (you saw the almost daily driving) after which they all ended up on the scrapyard 5 years later (too large cylinder capacity for the taxes, so a lot of road tax and 0 interest on the second-hand market and not interesting for export), In Belgium you got a tax refund for the first 5 years with a new car, after 5 years it was interesting to buy a new one.

  3. Beautiful Monte-Carlo! Congrats!
    In my circle of acquaintances there is an owner with a 1979er in dark maroon red. Also in top condition.
    They have owned it for 35 years and have no intention of handing it over, it is being pampered. I myself had a 1979 Pontiac Grand Prix, similar car and it still exists, but now drives in France.

  4. Looks like it has no filler in the photo. Separately without vinyl roof covering. If you drive it for what
    the car was made, you can have a lot of fun with it. Keep to car, the days when you could buy them here for $100.00 are long gone.

  5. Would like to compliment Jacco on his Chevrolet Monte Carlo.
    Cars from the eighties in such and original condition are rare.
    Which is also a very positive factor in the whole story that the chevy is equipped with
    the powerful and reliable Corvette engine.
    The note from the previous owner makes the whole story complete.
    For the previous owner a great reassurance that his baby is with a real one
    lover has arrived.
    Wish Jacco a lot of safe and relaxed kilometers,

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