Chevrolet Master de Luxe. Han Holman's 'red beauty'

Chevrolet Master de Luxe

Chevrolet Master de Luxe

Is your admiration also sparked when you see this beautiful Chevrolet Master de Luxe from 1938? However, the USA car culture of the fifties and sixties has Han's greatest interest, which is why he made his work importing beautiful and generously sized sleds from cars. 

By: Dirk de Jong

His working area is mainly the 'Lone star state' Texas where he starts a search several times a year. He did not find this beautiful Chevrolet Master de Luxe himself. He did get a good tip from a classic fan friend who discovered the car in a museum. After sending photos and all information Han decided to take them to Damwoude. 

The data shows that the beautiful Chevrolet Master de Luxe coupe was restored to new condition 25 years ago and has been an eye-catcher of the museum ever since. Say for yourself: a big car, but with an eye for detail. The chrome strips, the luxurious fog lamps, the perfect condition. As a bonus, he found a large amount of new parts in the spacious trunk. The use of good parts is very important. Especially with an exclusive model like this. His experience is that you can generally find good parts from America, but that does not apply to all models. It's wonderful to shuffle through his shed from time to time and enjoy all that metal treats from the States. This 'red beauty' deserves to be brought into the limelight, in my opinion I did not look in the shed but visited a palace ...

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