Chevrolet Vega

Special transportation

It is not only a good thing that every manufacturer tries to keep the transport costs of the end product as low as possible. That way, the profit can only get bigger. Now you have probably seen those long trains running with new cars on them. In the United States they solved that differently as witnessed by the photos.

The Chevrolet Vega from something from 1971. The counterpart of the Ford Pinto, cars with which both car manufacturers had to make it clear to the spoiled American that it is not just Big is Beautiful in the then rapidly changing world. The Vega and the Pinto were called compact cars.

According to a quote in those years in the leading American magazine 'Car and Driver', the Chevrolet Vega is very high on the list of worst-of-all-time cars. The car was so unreliable that if one saw such a Vega driving in the street without blue clouds behind it, the car was pulled by a string by another car ... What value can be attached to it? The Vega was named 'Car of the Year' in 1971. In comparison with the Pinto, according to the mentioned magazine, the Vega was just one line 'better'. Only because it was available in more variants and more resembled the successful Camaro of that year.

The Chevrolet Vega was equipped with an aluminum engine block on which a cast-iron cylinder head was screwed. The pistons made the bore wear - no, no 'liners' - at a rapid pace, but also the poor fit of the cylinder head meant that easy - even more - oil could enter the combustion chamber. That is why permanent smoking ... Everything was cut in production. Also on the material of the can carriage. That is why such a thing started to rust as soon as it was exposed to the outside air ...

Once fully loaded, a giant shovel comes and closes the valve and the transport can begin
Once fully loaded, a giant shovel comes and closes the valve and the transport can begin

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