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There classics purchasing (copy)

We recently had a message about classic customs and choppers. This is a story from that time ...

A painful sense of humor

Leddy was blessed with a bizarre sense of humor. He was also the kind of Harley rider that they have very restless nights with at The Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company Benelux. The kind of Harley-Davidson driver with whom the illustrious factory has not wanted to be associated - for many years - do not repeat. His unique sense of humor always made him look somewhat damaged with his full two meters and one hundred and fifty pounds.

At a local catering establishment, the Cockroach, where the white foamy beer was absorbed just as greedily as the white powder that does such wonderful things with nose dividers, Leddy kicked open the door of the men's toilets while the battle cry "NARCOTICABRIGADE!"

The bewildered user who had sniffed not only his portion of sugar powder but also his razor blade and pocket mirror in the fright, collapsed in the assertive stress that is so characteristic of coke users. The neutral-looking brothers carried away the tough 150 pound of bones and blood. A satisfied chuckle sounded from behind the bloated bandages. Leddy had a nice touch with them again.

His false remarks also resulted in structurally less aggressive environments in bewilderment and aggression. When his Lief had given birth, Leddy, who was always interested in technology and women, stood with his nose on top when the midwife grabbed needle and thread to attach his cut Lief. He looked at the short-cut, compact maternity lady with happy open-mindedness. He took a deep breath and spoke happily: "do two extra stitches, that's nice and tight".

The maternity lady was of the assertive type. She flew him. Leddy was not beaten by women and slapped back. The maternity lady stabbed him in the eyes with two fingers and gave him an FC Utrecht knee. The ambulance had to come. For the proud father.

But Leddy's absolute high point was the move when he and a mate were being chased by the police. At Lunetten, the two chemically misted boy boys were zigzagging very fast and noisy. "Loud pipes save lives" Also at half past two in the morning. While the police car came alongside on the right, Leddy immediately pushed him onto the emergency lane. When the officers came out of their car, Leddy ran towards them. He screamed: “You must catch him! He killed my sister! ”Then he sobbed the female cop. Because a woman. So nice to hug.

The police gave a general alarm. And even a very tough criminal Biker has no clear defense against an arrest team that tumbles from all sides in a dark blue Volvo. A lot of targeted but meaningful violence followed. Leddy's mate was enthralled as Houdini crammed into the Volvo. His pride, his outrageous Harley was left behind and later thrown onto a truck by uninterested salvers. In the meantime, Leddy had the pleasure of his life. Because he had had a good time with everyone again!

Because we are among civilized people, I do not tell how his mate completed the story. But Leddy went in an ambulance to the Medical Center Utrecht.


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  1. Gho Dolf, this all seems to me, it said in the less extreme, seriously known.
    Where did the time go when this was a daily fare, when it was still possible to get rid of all sorts of (in) jokes ???
    Have we become too old to understand the current fun… or were we just crazy in the past?

    • Exactly, with a piece in your collar from here to Tokyo wheeliend home, happily waving at the police car and then fleeing through the park without lights. In a strange pub a dreamer until the kit was gone. Golden times. If I had a son I would forbid him… grin.

    • Hi Rob, This summer I was addressed by a fellow motorcyclist Very Punitive because I was not 'properly' dressed. And another wise guy was waiting for me after shopping. He had seen the plug that bravely protruded from my tire “Do you know that such a tire repair is not allowed? Do you know what would happen if I called the police now ”. I told him that he could call an ambulance immediately after calling the police. We had something to eat on an Ardennes terrace. Couple of pints…. Then a group of Dutch motorcyclists came on Serious Big Touring Motorcycles. The general of the bunch approached us and said, “Men. Of course we all know that you are not going to get on your motorbike anymore ”If people could earn money with good boringness, then NL was full of millionaires.

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