Citroën 2 CV (1987) van Leendert. A (car) life long Citroën.

Citroën 2 CV (1987) van Leendert. A (car) life long Citroën
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How would you like Leendert, the owner of this new 34-year-old Citroën 2 Can you type a CV? He is a colorful man who falls short for hours every day, days every week and months every year. 

By: Dirk de Jong

As an enthusiastic enthusiast it is not easy to get all his French voitures running. Words fall short when his garages are opened. Despite his beautiful DS 5 super (with only 66.000 km) and a pre-war Traction - which is in the final phase of the restoration - and a few Tractions that still have to be finished, he thought he had to make a special purchase with this Citroën 2 hp. 

Acquisition Citroën 2 CV

The background of this Citroën 2 CV in absolute mint condition is also special. The first owner had bought the car to use the car a few years later after his retirement. However, disaster struck and he was the victim of an accident, which left him partially paralyzed and eventually confined to a wheelchair. In 1989 the car was registered in the name of his partner, who has since passed away. The decision had already been made to sell the car, but to offer it to Leendert first, because they had known him for some time and knew that he was interested. So it was actually a matter of awarding it, a beautiful gesture to a real one Citroën lover. This is clearly about the 'emotional value' and not about the 'money value'. 


There was a folder more than 5 cm thick with the Citroën 2 CV, in which everything was meticulously maintained. The purchase invoice, every MOT, every appraisal report that was made as he got older. Few garage bills, certainly understandable if you look at the mileage of 9000 over a period of 34 years. But also photos, original folders and insurance papers. There was no suspension, the tax was neatly paid over the entire period. 


Dat Citroën left a mark on his life is evident from the journeys he made with his Citroën Acadian to Australia. There he covered no less than 3 km in 20.000 months. Later again to New Zealand, and further travel within Europe. Due to the many travels, the close relationship with Citroën, but also a lack of time to complete his projects at home.

Do you recognize the pleasurable addiction? That the love for Citroën is very deep may be clear, otherwise this brand new (old) Citroën 2 CV not in his living room? Leendert has earned the necessary sympathy points with us. 

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  1. Where it used to be very normal to see and hear a 2CV, nowadays I almost twist my neck to see it if I just hear it somewhere in the distance. Melancholy, nostalgia.
    The car that, it is said, despite frantic efforts and competitions, could not be turned on its side. The length of the suspension travel ensured almost unconditional road contact. Or am I too lyrical now? It was a genius design for sure.
    And that you could wash almost the entire Canard indoors without driving it in, you can't say that about every car. If you put it all together, you slowly but surely wonder why you would need more than a 2CV. I'm keeping my ears open, hoping I'll hear and…see another one!!

  2. Definitely a beautiful model and great to be with
    Driving and working on my first love after getting my driver's license was a 2 cv 4 from 1971
    In burgundy red .
    Going out with your girl and open the roof and nice arm outside the window.
    Only in winter did you die from the cold, the engine only warmed up on arrival 😂.
    Now 43 years later, it is starting to itch again due to more free time and its own workshop.
    As a former bodyshop and car painter.
    I still have a 2cv 6 from 1983 in the shed for restoration, we will start with that shortly.

  3. A beautiful example, simple and also a convertible for the summer, too bad they are no longer made. Cars with character, yes, they don't make them like that anymore, very nice story, bravo!!!

  4. What a beautiful story. This will make you happy in this strange time. Riding a duck is an experience and I have come to cherish that.

  5. When the last Goats/Ducks were made, my girlfriend wanted a car like that. However, I chose a Subaru Jumbo (650cc). Much quieter than a Goat, more luxurious, safer. But now I'm 60 and I don't hear very well anymore. The noisy motor no longer disturbs. And with even more nostalgic feelings I watch “Axel Nort”, a youth series from roughly '64. And that's where the icons drive too Citroën around. Now I think the 2CV is art, a statement, the tent with which you can go for sandwiches (that is sweet). And what a beautiful example you have with a nice simple color! If I could, I would also put it in the living room and listen/watch from behind the wheel to music/movies from the early 60s.

    • Dirk, my hearing, which is now limited, works the other way for me: I can no longer tolerate the smallpox noise of the air-cooled boxer in a can. A ride about 8 years ago in a Dyane (Goat?) made this painfully clear. Fortunately, the good memories suffice for me, from the 'ribbed cap – dipstick' – version of my older brother, my own 18 HP with hard universal joints to a fleet of Dyanes of which the 'Commerciale' was the most practical. For me, aging means saying goodbye, which is accompanied by a certain sadness, which is fortunately compensated by the realization that I can save important money. But the idea of ​​having your own 'cinema' on pneumatic tires is worth fantasizing about!

      • Hi Michael, I have the same problem with a MG mgf. With the hood open fantastic, with the hood closed the roaring (wind) makes me mad. So I have my earplugs in (also drives a motorcycle) if I have to drive the MG with the hood closed. Just on topic: When I see a duck/dyane/ami driving, I always get a smile on my face.

  6. The story is more special than the car itself; someone who already buys a duck 'before retirement'? Too bad this wasn't allowed to happen for this person. And then in a living room? That is a textbook example of prioritizing. Bravo!

  7. I have a friend who bought a new Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 in 1996 and drives it at most 300 km a year, otherwise the bike is warm in our living room, not even a scratch on the paint, like new, my baby he says, SELL he says, you can do that with your motorcycle, I'll take it with me to my grave, yes ??what can you say to that

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