Citroën 2 CV (AZ) 1959 from Sipke & Joyce. Quirky car

Citroën 2 CV (AZ) 1959
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That the Citroën 2 CV for Sipke and Joyce is an emotional product becomes clear after their story about this special duck from France, which was given the name Jean-Claude. A conversation with these citrophils was a piece of pure positive energy. You are carried away by their enthusiasm, and this French voiture also has a story. A story about attachment to Citroën, of people who are physically and mentally fit, and yet have a deviation: The love for the 'Double Chevron' 

By: Dirk de Jong

On holiday with the camper to France (July 2019) with the ultimate goal of La Ferté-Vidame, where a major three-day event was organized in honor of the 100th anniversary of Citroën. The entire brand history was on display, and a safe was held on the closing day with a parts market being part of the celebration. Sipke: “The choice to hold the centenary in La Ferté-Vidame was not very strange. Because there is the - secret - test circuit where the 2 CV, but also the DS, CX and all other models of Citroën were tested. There is still an immense castle on an 800 hectare site. It goes without saying that thousands of citrophils came to it, the first day already more than 25.000 visitors. 

Auction over 60 Citroëns

Sipke and Joyce were watching the auction with interest when a Citroën 2 CV of 1959 passed by, with the bids starting with an amount of 2.000 euros. Thoughtlessly and spontaneously, Sipke started bidding, with Joyce encouraging him to continue. After being outbid a few times, they were both startled by the blow of the hammer. A '59 duck had been bought that had stood still for over 40 years in an old French barn. The trailer in the photo was previously purchased at Citromobile in Haarlem in 2017, very special, made of Citroën parts on Peugeot rims. (Can it be more French?)

Good advice was expensive

After the finances were settled, the French voiture had to be picked up the same day, but there was no solution in sight to get that done at their holiday address. Fortunately, Jean-Claude, a farmer who offered to park the car in his village 30 km away, was contacted and took immediate action by calling his son to arrange transport. Once there, Sipke and Joyce were stunned when the barn was opened, there were dozens of French classics on display. The new purchase was temporarily placed there, whereby an agreement was made to pick up the car the following weekend. When the car finally arrived in the Netherlands, it was made roadworthy. Nothing was done to the bodywork, according to Joyce you had to keep seeing the life of the car. 

Frisian T-shirt

"If it's just girl chin, then it beats it gjinien." With this text, the motivation, but also the "golden hands" become visible of Sipke, who got this shirt from his children. Loosely translated: If father can't make it, nobody can. 

For Sipke and Joyce it was the familiar formula again: the search, the purchase and the thrill of restoring (which they do together) and after painstaking work the pleasure of driving a classic. You could almost say: "Read and shudder..." Because in his garage there are now a Citroën GS and a BX in the special sports version, a Citroën DS completely restored to new condition, and Citroën Ami 6 that also reaches the degree of perfection and an Ami break that is used as a donor. Another Citroën DS that will get a second life in the long term, with a DS that will camp in the garden. Finally: two beautiful early 2 CVs in running condition. 

On holiday to France with a 2 1959CV? 

Yes, on an adventure… and in short Joyce summarized the long drive to France as follows: “We got the middle finger on the highway, and the thumbs on the country roads. The destination was Jean-Claude to express gratitude for the help and support after the auction in Ferté-Vidame and the transport to La Plesse Mainterne.”

Can you imagine? A long journey with moderate brakes. With a 6 volt battery and the lighting that emitted little? The motivation must then clearly be the adventure. It now seems clear that the car is an emotional 'product' for Sipke and Joyce. An intensely positive feeling with a deep meaning, isn't that what this story shows? Citroën for Sipke & Joyce is the experience of sentiment and nostalgia. From Joyce we can certainly not even call the car a 2 CV, for them it is the Jean-Claude, a name given out of gratitude.  

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  1. The story of the Peugeot 304 is that it drove all her life in Madrid with Mr. Herero and was bought by us a while back. With only 57000 kilometers on the clock, she is still pristine and original. A wonderfully driving 304 that we enjoy a lot
    We had used the trailer to take the pictures for our last A to ZX market event in Brummen. That is why this license plate is still on the cart.

  2. The straightforward simplicity, the recognizability from comic strips and the accompanying traces of use make this car attractive in this Mister gadget car world.
    Less is more !

  3. hey, a story like this does me good. That popularity of Citroen in NL, according to my theory, is due to the fact that it is thought that Mr, Citroen a Netherlands was there. By the way, I already had my first car about 59 or 60, with the same grille, the bearings were worn out and so I was cheated. Still to Brussels with a few friends and a few stuivers with rattling crankshaft bearings and all and a fine from the Gendarmerie for not being able to reach the minimum speed.

    • The history of the brand does indeed mention the Dutch base. But I doubt the many buyers knew this. At least I didn't, until I discovered the internet. But the Dutch are without chauvinism when it comes to cars and are more inspired by idiosyncrasy than, for example, our eastern neighbours.

  4. Yes, great that we can slow down. soon we have to, then the 30 km sins will come, so no more fears for middle fingers. But I hope not to experience that I still have to electrify my car or imagine that you can no longer drive because Google has taken over.

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