Citroën 2 CV AZ from 1969. Margriet's goat. 

Citroën 2 CV AZ from 1969. Margriet's goat.
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The real Citroënconnoisseurs immediately know that the ugly duck was called a goat in Belgium. Why is this red Citroën 2 CV AZ from 1969 so special? That's because it was made in Belgium and there were many differences between the French and Belgian version. They were therefore exclusively intended for the Belgian and Dutch markets. This one Citroën 2 CV has the original Dutch registration 00 08 1969. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

Why did they differ in many ways from the models built in France? Some detective work is needed, but the real connoisseurs see it right away. Actually it is understandable, the steel came from Belgium, the upholstery, but also taillights, dashboard and other parts. The produced in Belgium Citroën 2 CV is therefore slightly more luxurious and therefore more special and much sought after in the classic world. Citroën's vision on design has always been special, just take a look at the Traction Avant, the Citroën DS, the 2 CV, Dyane, the Ami and GS all cars with special features, they are just works of art. just like this one Citroën 2 CV AZ.

The lifespan of a 2 CV? 

Was it ready for demolition after 8 to 10 years due to the climate in the Netherlands? This specimen survived by chance. The Citroën 2 CV AZ from 1969 had been waiting for a facelift for years. A thoughtful father bought this car for his daughter, but was later able to purchase a 2 CV Charleston. Then the Belgian goat stopped. The photos of the Citroën 2 CV AZ were made the moment he was back in full light from the shed. The refurbishment or perhaps a total restoration is planned, so that Margriet can cherish it in his new life. 


Margriet: “I didn't know if it would ever happen. I've looked at a lot and even the most affordable 2 resumes have suffered too much. For a beautifully restored 2 CV you almost have to take out a loan to pay for it. That's why we have this beautiful red Citroën 2 CV AZ purchased, with the realization that a lot of love and attention is still needed to get it on the road. For years I've had in mind the desire to bring back the memories of my former car life, and the question of whether it ever would ever happen has now been answered.”  

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  1. This was our first car in 1968 in Germany, 2nd hand, wine-red 2CV, 2 yrs old for DM 900, = – in 1970, driven completely loose in front of the door by a drunk guy, who drove home with a broken track rod, where the “Polizei could pick him up! Damage tokens 600,= DM, after which we bought a new Dyane 4 for DM 4.569,20 Euro 2.073,41 and took 1973 to the Netherlands.

  2. But beware, not all AZ's delivered in the Netherlands come from Vorst, Belgium. The last AZ's (1970hp) delivered in 18 were made in France because the factories in Forest were converted to produce the 2cv4 and 2cv6.

  3. My '59 AZ (bought in '66) probably came from France and still had one of the last ribbed hoods. License plate BG-20-53. It drafted, trembled, screeched, rattled and was powerless.
    Wasn't a JG number an input number, with as mnemonic Mischievously Bruised?

    • Nice photo, any idea where it was taken? You don't come across the line-up of International travelettes very often either.

      • LETS (Air Force Electronic and Technical School) in Schaarsbergen, so the 'Slappe Hap'.
        The Inters were used for primary driver training. Then you got a personal vehicle the Hanomag AL28 1,5 tonner with 4WD and good in the terrain, like here on the Edese heath. And finally driving for C and D on a DAF. (iirc). It's been so long, but if all went well, you became MTO and went to an airbase.

        • In 1970 I had the driving training in Schaarsbergen at the international, really getting used to the gear lever but also with the instructors

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