Citroën 2 CV6 Special (1986). Who is the designer? 

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Citroën has always been a brand of which various modifications and creations have been made. When we see this beautiful design, then shouldn't driving on summer days be a great pleasure? Nothing beats the feeling of driving with the top open. A project that commands respect due to its sublime execution and finish, what a privilege it must be to own such a special classic. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

De Citroën differs a lot from the regular 2 CV. The combination with the attractive wooden body makes the modified body very attractive. A new approach to a company car? The nameplate says 'Ramasser', so picking things up would be appropriate. Note the special alternative location for the spare wheel, recessed in the hood. This idea has been adopted from the Citroën in the Sahara 4 × 4 version with two engines, another unique one Citroën performance. 


The talented designer (restorer) clearly wanted to leave his own mark on the originally sober 2 CV. The duck has a warm place - in whatever version - in the heart of an entire generation. We found this striking body of the 2 CV in the Groningen Lauwersoog and the quests for the owner unfortunately remained fruitless. The question who the 'creator' is and the report of the construction of his impressive 2 CV remains shrouded in the dark. But maybe after reading this article the networks will become active and names will emerge. We do, however, dare to use the text from the 2 CV folder for this owner and freebooter: De Citroën 2 CV is more than a car, it is a way of life and has… Joie de Vivre.

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  1. had in 1968, married young, a wine red 2nd hand wine red 2CV, it was perfectly adapted to your own taste and technique, then at night in front of the door a drunk guy with a Ford Granada drove completely loose from the rear, but the duck has teeth with the wishbone arm, because of this the steering rod of the Ford was broken by the collision and the Police could follow the trail to the suspicious car to the other side of town, there the driver was lifted from his bed etc., then it for us an Ami 6 and Dyane 4, all driven with great pleasure.

  2. I had a 1965 duck with worn out crankshaft bearings, so was just fooled.
    I also once had a 1995 model with red TT number plates where I put a 4 weeks 12,000 km on the clock, but all full throttle with 110 / km criss-cross all over Europe every minute thinking that the engine would explode now… .but no!

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