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Citroën 2CV and the nice second-hand scale models of Hachette-NOREV

You are probably familiar with them: the series consist of a combination of booklets and scale models. Through long-running series you can build a collection of books and miniatures of the written models. A well-known name is Hachette Collections. That (also) happened in the past with such series, which were available via a subscription or through individual sales in the kiosk. For example, the Collection 2CV was conceived a few years ago, in which booklets, boxes and 1:43 models of the evergreen van Citroën found their way to the collectors.

A collection can forever have a place in the display case. It also happens that after some time collectors decide to build up a new collection, in which case there is no more room for the old one. Or just decide to sell the collection (or a number of models from it).

Find out at the specialist or online

Then it is a nice bonus that these are offered to miniature specialist shops. Or through the online sales channels such as eBay. Just enter the combination of 2CV, Hachette and 1:43. Then a variety of collector's models appear from which every 2CV enthusiast would like to make a selection.

A label for sale

Through eBay, for example, we discovered a variety of Hachette-Norev 2CV models, which actually cover the entire term of the 2CV. You will find the Cyclope from 1942, a 2 CV AZUL from 1955, the temporary versions such as the Dolly, the Cocorico and the Spot, regular versions, and a wonderful 2CV Special (without a third side window). Also nice: the Belgian AZAM 6 and the Export Luxe version, which came after the AZAM 6. Rally enthusiasts will love the Monte Carlo 1954 version, Raid Afrique 1973 version (with extra equipment, note the ramp on the roof) and the Paris-Tokyo-Paris edition from 1956.

>h4>Also nice company versions
Hachette and NOREV also made various commercial variants based on the Order ducks. Think of the Orangina, Shell, Philips, Butagaz and Perrier versions. There is still a lot to be found in that category. This applies to various versions from this Hachette and NOREV series. The manufacturer provided very true-to-life printing with such versions, which make the models lifelike. The molds and finish of the models themselves are also good. The quality is excellent, as is the detailing. This also brings you pretty close to the atmosphere that a 2CV conveys.

Good price, have fun

Take a look online, or visit a nice specialty store. There is a good chance that you will find a model to your liking, especially if you are a 2CV enthusiast. Usually the copies are already available for a tenner, plus shipping costs. And the latter category of costs is also not that bad in practice, although that of course depends on the provider.

Complete set difficult, but collecting remains fun

It becomes a lot more difficult to find a complete set, ie: booklet with the specific description of the model, the scale model itself and the box. That shouldn't spoil the fun. Because it's fun enough to collect just the car, or a series of them. And the good news is, there are still quite a few of those miniature size carts in commercial use. Nice, and a nice interpretation for anyone who has something with classics and specifically with Citroën has A-types.

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