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Ducks come in various types. That is not surprising, because the Toute Petite Vehicule van Citroën was built from 1948 to 1990. The Citroën 2CV which in enthusiasts circles is called Real Duck comes from the period that starts with the introduction and ends with the production of the old Duck in the early seventies. So say the 18 SAE-PK 2CV and everything that was built for it. We made a report with a copy from 1969, a Citroën 2CV AZ, which was also delivered new in the Netherlands.

Dijkstra Classic Cars & Youngtimers offered the Citroën 2CV AZ on. The state of the Duck was reason to make an appointment immediately. We drove it on a beautiful winter day. We enjoyed the almost original condition. Not only cosmetically, but also technically this was a 2CV that fully deserved the designation authentic. In addition, this is a real old 2CV. It has the narrow rear lights, the slanted rear license plate, the parking lights and the small speedometer. The original A53 motor is also an indication in this direction. Or rather: a proof of evidence.

Second Life

De Citroën 2CV AZ was rescued years ago by real Duck enthusiasts. They gave the 2CV a second life, and a lot did not even have to happen. The state was kept original. The technology was good enough to do its job after a major overhaul. The appearance remained as it was. Polishing was not an option, because the original light blue paint would make way for the red menie layer. The owners only had to weld a few spots. They also renovated the furniture, but without compromising the original character. Moreover, it is superb in all its simplicity.

Modest performance, great classic fun

Via a very small detour the Citroën 2CV AZ went to Dijkstra in Sexbierum, and we drove it. You've read it before: this is a pure classic for leisurely country rides and eventual club rides. The 425 cc engine (A53) with 18 SAE-HP is too modest for the big work. It will stop at 85 kilometers per hour. This is a slowing car that gives you all the time to realize that the speed of the nations is superfluous. Everything you need is in it. It works and is also easy to operate. Moreover, the openable linen roof (with lock) has been a nice plus since the introduction of the 2CV in 1948. And the suspension comfort is of course famous. The sway and rocking is also less in a 69-er 2CV than in the models from the period before 1965. Because this 2CV also has telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers at the rear.

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New owner

Dijkstra in Sexbierum has the Citroën 2CV AZ has since been sold. The new owner has opted for a 2CV that was built in Belgium. And it still has the 69 specifications and matching numbers, including the Belgian chassis number that starts with 29. Of course, it shows more than five decades of life experience. But that is exactly what makes this 2CV special. Virtually original, with visible life experience. Dance son jus. A real Duck of its time, moreover, that is still real and not restored. These pure ingredients strengthen the character of this 2CV. In all modesty, this 2CV brings much new classic fun to the new owner. We felt that pleasure and it was very difficult to say goodbye to this 2CV. And you can read why we were in the extensive report we made with this 2CV. A Citroën, which in many respects is a Real Duck.


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