Citroën Traction Avant 11 Sport from 1950 by Johannes. Enchanting beauty.

Citroën Traction Avant 11 Sport from 1950 by Johannes. Enchanting beauty.

Citroën is known for its striking designs. Appearance and 100 percent due to the technology used Citroën, it still gives color to automotive history. Friend and foe were taken by surprise with the arrival of the Traction Avant. It became a brilliant model and completely unique in many ways. André's brainchild Citroën left an indelible mark on automotive history. In this article we photographed the Citroën Traction Avant 11 Sport from 1950 by Johannes.

By: Dirk de Jong

John tells us about his Citroën Traction Avant 11 Sport: “The Citroën is to me an old-timer of an addictive kind. Now look at that beauty, at the flowing lines, just stylish, and in this perfectly restored condition only for gourmets. An old-timer for people who genuinely love cars and I do. My Traction radiates it: Pleasant driving is possible!”

Streamlined four-wheeler

The greater the desire, the greater the chance that it will become reality one day. Perhaps the thoughts / desires have a wider range than we realize. Designed by a master hand Citroën Traction Avant 11 Sport was offered through MP by the third owner. The restoration of this eye-catching Traction took no less than 2,5 years and remained 99 percent original. It is not always wise to hurry with hobby work. The photos clearly show it, it's the attention he received, with unrelenting enthusiasm and a lot of patience the results came. An electric starter was fitted for convenience and bright LED lights were added for the brake lights and indicators for safety. 

French cultural heritage

Johannes says “Many books have been published about it Citroën and the internet also offers all the possibilities for more information about the history and the progressive technology of this piece of French cultural heritage. For me it's the nice reactions you get, but also that passing cars drive more slowly and give thumbs up to show the appreciation. But above all, the driving pleasure and the privilege of owning it.” 


Johannes frankly admits, autonostalgia has a hold on him. The consequences are that he regularly in his collection Auto Motor Klassiek dives into magazines and makes a trip through classic / old-timer country in an easy chair. If you also want to undertake such a trip, then one Subscription recommended, the price is even a lot lower than in the kiosk. A few mouse clicks on the website are enough to open the classic treasure room every month. 

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  1. Beautiful car. Of course it is not allowed, but still: if you compare such a candy with the current SUV-with-LED-lamp party event, then something seems to have gone wrong along the way in 70 years. They call it progress but I think………

  2. Definitely gorgeous and classy Citroën Avant, I own one myself and we just drive it abroad, you have to be patient but just enjoy every km. Delicious

    • Well done Theo; they are made for driving, and can be enjoyed at any speed.
      My DSuper has been in scaffolding for 10+ years, it has to start again…because it tickles every time.
      Wishing you many happy kilometers! 😉

  3. We got married in it in 73. It was only a pity that the TA stopped when we wanted to go to the hospital where my father was lying at the time between the reception and dinner. Hitchhiked along the Zuid Willemsvaart to 's-Hertogenbosch and drove back with an uncle.

  4. Beautiful, a Volvo man myself, drove a cat's back pv 444 for years, but before that a traction avant. Had a lot of fun with it and always regret that I sold it then. Beautiful car and in fact much nicer than a Volvo! Enjoy it and cherish it beautiful oldtimer!

  5. Grain to my mill. When I drive my CX through the mountains here on a diesel, I forget about Covid, the
    war in the Ukraine and even Greta! My sister even got married in a Traction, also in the last century. It Citroën virus never left me thank god . I have quite a few acquaintances
    didn't understand me at all, until they went along in the CX.
    I wish Johannes and all other Classic car owners happy holidays.
    Greetings from YVR,

  6. I am also the third owner of a (Belgian) sports car from 1955 with original linen license plate.
    As a toddler I was in the same car that I have owned since 1999. She belonged to my uncle. He died in 1989. The Traction even rode in the funeral procession!
    My car has been completely renewed technically, but the appearance has remained 'dan son jus'. A completely different experience than mine Citroën Ami 6 from 1969. Only the waywardness they both have in common!

  7. An uncle of mine from Haaksbergen used to visit us in his Traction in my youth. If you were sitting in the back seat, your feet would not touch the back of the front seats. And then that magic circuit. It was like stirring gasoline. It was a dream. Citroën would play a major role in my life. At home we started with a Duck, then the Amis and the GS's came one after the other. We ourselves ended up with a nice CX. For work I drove a duck with those suicide doors. Have you ever lost one on the road.... Then continued on the French tour with a Peugeot Partner, you have to do something.
    And…..we have been driving privately for years now in a (h)honest Japanese, to be fair, a Toyota Avensis. Nothing wrong with that, but….none Citroën.

  8. In my opinion this is the most beautiful car ever made. Look at that beautiful shape. Oh my god how I wish I had one. Today no longer payable. What a beautiful bowl.

    • An XM also has a special and beautiful interplay of lines. For me the most beautiful newcomer of the last 35 years. Also drives great and affordable to purchase.

  9. I also owned a traction for several years about 40 years ago. Mismanagement forced me to sell it. It was a normal from 1948 [himself also born in 48] The license plate was UX -61 -36 Does anyone know if this car is still running?
    John Compagner

    • Take a look at Autoweek License plate check. Enter number plate and everything appears. Whether this car is still running is not stated. But take a look.

    • Yes, it's still running. Has been registered as the last ascription on this license plate since May 7, 2020.
      Trax was registered/imported in the Netherlands on June 30, 1948 and on September 15, 1956.

    • My father had one and when I was in bed and he came driving up he also had to reverse and that's a kind of singing sound and then I knew he was coming home. Also experienced a collision, Volkswagen van from the right and he drove into it, van on its side. And that on the corner of Churchilllaan and Scheldestraat.
      I was also allowed to indicate direction on the dashboard .... was 1952.

  10. It is hard to imagine that the TA were offered alongside the ultramodern DS for several years, a world of difference.
    The TA was known as a gangstercitroen from the many gangster films that are unfortunately far too little to see at the moment.
    I was always of the opinion that the hanging wipers on the TA only appeared on pre-war TAs. Apparently not.
    The TA remains a delight to the eye.

  11. Fantastic design, beautiful display.
    A TA remains a delight to the eye, still has that class that the IDDS lacks a bit (although that is and remains a beautiful display).

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