Citroën Ami 6 Break Club by Anne-Jan. Sympathetic and quirky 

Citroën Ami 6 Break Club (1968)

Like the 2 CV, the Citroën Ami meant for 'Jacques Bonhomme'. The French civilian who was looking for an economical and also a spacious car. The Citroën Ami 6 Break Club in these pictures was built in 1968. From 1971 to 2016 it was owned by a watchmaker from La Plaine in the department of Maine et Loire. For the 'integration' in the Netherlands, work had to be done on the brakes, among other things. In addition, welding was needed to get the stamp of approval (APK). 

Back to basics

Anne-Jan (60): “I'm a fan of back to basic, so no new paint job for me on my 'friend', the Ami, but just as it is and enjoy riding in a classless classic. The lines of the body give a beautiful appearance to me. Now take a look at the dual headlights of the Citroën Ami 6 Break Club, the side moldings, the stainless steel frames around the side windows, the adjustable seats and the 'wall-to-wall' carpet. I love my blue station wagon. No, rather, my break. ” 

How love arises? 

Anne Jan: “My father used to drive a lot Citroëns. What started with the well-known 2CV and later other types where my love for the brand arose. It got even stronger when I later spent holidays with friends in 'La douce France'. Not only enjoy French life for a few weeks, but also search together for forgotten classics in old garages and remote villages. ” Together with his son Maarten-Jan (32), the holiday was combined with the 'old iron yacht' and the rides in the French countryside became the best experiences. 

Like father Like Son

And the fact that it has now been passed on to his son Maarten-Jan shows that he now also has a growing collection of French 'voitures' in his garage. He owns a Méhari, two 2 CVs, one of which is being restored by him and a 2 CV in delivery version that appears on the road during summer days. Was for Anne-Jan Citroën the first mobile love, and together with his son Maarten-Jan it has remained a driving love. 

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  1. Ami lived through all those reliable people Citroëntechnology on board. In a car like that you laugh at all those ugly gray lease boxes!

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