Citroën Ami 6 Grand Luxe (1967). C'est magnifique.

Citroën Ami 6 Grand Luxe
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When you walk into this showroom in Damwoude you will see a mix of exclusive and more common classics that take you back in time. Fortunately, it is not rare that we write praising all those beautiful classics, but now we let go of our restraint completely and let ourselves be carried away by enthusiasm and admiration for these Citroën Ami 6 Grand Luxe. 

By: Dirk de Jong

On the driver's seat is a youth magazine entitled: Spirou, which contains an advertisement of the Ami, with the following promotional text: Even better view: The large window surface, the thin metal window pillars, the large rear. Everything broadens the view and makes steering easier. Padded plump seats, so comfortable in all their simplicity. The front seat can be moved as required and both front and rear seats can be removed. The language belongs to our southern neighbors, where the youth magazine was published in the 60s. 

Sobriety and elegance 

De Citroën Ami 6 Grand Luxe fits perfectly in the tradition of the French brand. Its own (nice) model with its unusual design and the remarkable sloping roofline. Citroën translated it as follows: No tuxedo and no jeans, but sobriety and elegance. Not a missile and not a turtle, but handling and speed. No palace and no cabin, but simplicity and comfort. All Ami types have basic characteristics, that of a car Citroën to make. 

A real eye-catcher 

This Citroën Ami 6 Grand Luxe has a face all of its own and has now been revived. He is waiting in his bright red paint for the new true enthusiast. For us it was again a bit of pure nostalgia and we apologize in advance that we got carried away in our enthusiasm.

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Citroën Ami 6 Grand Luxe
Citroën Ami 6 Grand Luxe
Citroën Ami 6 Grand Luxe
Citroën Ami 6 Grand Luxe

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