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When owner Marc gladly informs me that we are allowed to photograph a great 50 year old 7 seater station wagon, it could be German, French, Swedish or American, but in any case something beautiful. When I find myself in a neighborhood in Amstelveen a few days later where a garage door slowly reveals a pointed nose with a split license plate and four round headlights, I know for sure: this is going to be an hour to feast on. Only the roof rack now reveals that this is a special station version and I can't wait to see the car outside in the daylight. Once outside it will appear that I am not the only curious one. This is a Citroën DS 20 Break, delivered on June 30, 1972 in France.

Nose of the Pike

Connoisseurs can immediately see that something is not quite Period Correct. The "nose of the pike" is one of an earlier type. The DS was delivered with that nose until 1967. The owner of this Citroën DS 20 Break had the car professionally converted. Although not entirely original, it looks great on the car. When the DS is low in rest position in the woods with the doors and the luggage compartment open, it becomes apparent how much this car stands out. Curious hikers nod approvingly towards the car and others smile in the affirmative. This one Citroën DS 20 Break has a beautiful dark blue color, a light gray roof and a red leather interior.


The DS, signed by Italian Flaminio Bertoni, is different on many points from others. The Break Familiale is completely equipped for the transport of family and luggage. The tailgate to be opened in parts Citroën DS 20 Break has two number plates on the lower lid. When you want to drive with that valve up and down, the second number plate becomes visible, where even the number plate lighting is designed. In the luggage compartment, the floor can be opened, revealing two folding seats and thus providing space for number 6 and 7 of the family. As the roof rack suggests, the roof is fully equipped to carry heavy suitcases. The roof de Citroën DS 20 Break is therefore made of steel instead of fiberglass as with the sedan. A funny detail that is especially noticeable when driving behind a DS is that the car has a much narrower track at the back than at the front. The rear wheels are even narrower than the front wheels.


The owner has thoroughly maintained and improved this Pike from the moment he took possession of it. The DS was valued by well-known designers as the most beautifully designed car ever. A lot of people will certainly agree with that. In any case, we thought it was very beautiful and worth a photo report.


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  1. Few ladies of that age get this much attention. That's not true either, but I couldn't pass up this sentence. As a child I was already fascinated by this model in the driveway of Jef Sels. A cheerful Antwerp resident who dared to leave his city behind to live among the Kempen people of Westerlo (B). Do not underestimate the sometimes very good taste of children. The regular DS was already incredible, but the rear of the station wagon was even more special because of those three round lights one above the other. This model was extremely rare.

  2. So beautiful, so stately. Mouth watering!!
    Then they knew what design was. There is still no measure of driving comfort. He was way ahead of his time. In terms of usage possibilities and in terms of technology, of course.

  3. Beautiful pike, several years ago Citroën owned and driven, including one with an old nose
    Remains an icon among the automobiles for me.
    For several years I have been back in an old pike that I took over from my brother-in-law. Finally there is peace in my car heart again.

  4. What I never understood, why are the rear wheels on the estate not equipped with a cover like the sedan….and later on the cx with a removable cover…

    • The story goes: the rear wheels of a sedan don't matter, so cover them. All attention to the powerful front wheels, which steer, pull and brake.
      They do matter for a break because that is a burden bearer. So don't cover them because they are part of the break concept.
      Now you will say: “What about the AMI?”. Indeed……

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